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Dining Services: Choice and Need

BY EDDY SEGAL // DEC. 15, 2014 // Students often complain. And when it comes to their food, they don’t hold back. However, according to Christian King, executive chef for Curry College’s Dining Services, a lot of factors go into what is and what is not offered on the menu. [youtube]

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Friends of Furry Friends

PRODUCED AND EDITED BY JOE LOPOPOLO // DEC. 4, 2013 // The Milton Animal League doesn’t operate out of a large space. But that doesn’t mean their efforts are miniature in the least.  The nonprofit organization, located at 181 Governor Stoughton Lane, is volunteer operated and provides housing, food and medical care to dogs and cats in need of permanent homes. […]

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A Hike to Remember

PRODUCED AND EDITED BY BRANDAN BLOM // NOV. 29, 2013 //   The Blue Hills Reservation, located near the border of Milton and Canton, provides a great respite from the loud sounds and fast pace of city life. Just 1 1/2 miles from the campus of Curry College, the reservation offers an assortment of hiking trails and one of the […]

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‘Everyone Has a Song Inside Them’

PRODUCED AND EDITED BY TYLER COLLINS // NOV. 26, 2013 // Curry Fine Arts Professor Doug Koch has worked with many student vocalists over the years. Sophomore Ana Pearson, a nursing major at the college, talks about Koch’s teaching style and her evolving love for singing. [youtube]