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College Romances: The Lost Art of Actually Dating

BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO // MARCH 23, 2016 // When is the last time you went on a date with someone? Really went on a date with someone, because no, Netflix and Chill doesn’t count. I mean a pick-you-up-at-the-front-door date. Going out to dinner or a movie, and learning about each other, before being dropped off and watched as you get […]

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Mistakes You’ll Make Freshman Year

BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO // FEB. 3, 2016 //  As we begin the second semester of this school year, I’m sure that all of you freshman out there are reflecting. How have your first few months at college been? Did you make new friends? Discover a new passion? One thing is for sure, you probably made a mistake or two. But […]

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10 Things All Curry Students Know To Be True

BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO // NOV. 12, 2015 //  1. Our campus is extremely photogenic. Have you ever seen an ugly photo of our campus? We have grassy green hills, huge trees that keep us cool in the summer and give us colorful leaves in the fall, and buildings that look like fairytale cottages and others that are high tech and modern. You can’t help but […]