Donate to the Movember Foundation to Change the Face of Men’s Health

BY COLE MCNANNA // OCT. 28, 2016 //

There are plenty of good reasons to grow out your facial hair, most importantly to make you look like a stud. But this November, it also means you can also donate money to causes that affect men around the world…while looking like a stud.

In association with the Movember Foundation, I want to help change the face of Men’s Health.

I know I can’t get it done all on my own so I asked the man who has been shaping up my beard for the last year to help raise awareness for a cause during No Shave November.

Nic Alexander, of the Chop Shop in Milford, Massachusetts, and I connected with the Movember Foundation to help address “some of the biggest health issues faced by men: mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.”

You can donate to my mo space at // IMAGE CREDIT: COLE MCNANNA //


These are all important topics that need attention.

Nic is raising awareness of the Suicide rate around the world in men who are ‘toughing it out’ by keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence.

I chose a topic closest to me; Prostate Cancer. For those of you who know me, you may know that my father had Prostate Cancer my freshman year but successfully had a surgery to remove it. For those of you who didn’t know, well, like Biggie said, “Now ya know…”

Together, Nic and I created team Metro-West Mythical Mustaches, and you can use the link to donate to either cause; or both! Every little bit helps, and no donation is too small.

The only way a donation can be too small is if you’re the only one talking about it. Share, invite friends, family or coworkers. Brag about your patchy facial hair and donate to help keep men from dying too young.


You can use the link to read more about our cause and donate right there, or you can come talk to me walking around campus showing off my mustache that will likely never be as glorious as my father’s. And be sure to keep your eyes out for my table at the Student Center in the coming weeks.

You can read more about the Movember Foundation right here and get started growing your facial hair. If you start to hate it, Nic can give you a trim at the Chop Shop, just off Route 495 in Milford. If Nic is booked, other barbers will be available to fix it up.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to join the cause, my house is only ten minutes down the road, and as a special incentive, the top 3 donors will be invited to a traditional Italian meal, home-made by my beautiful mother.

Grow, Donate, Share, Talk, Donate some more, and keep men from dying too young. Together we can work to help some serious issues that men face.

10 Tips and Tricks of the Residence Hall

BY JONATHAN LEVSKY // OCT. 25, 2016 //

If you’re a resident at Curry College, then you know all too well the many rules of the residence halls. But what if there was a way to enhance your dorm without breaking any rules at all?

Some of these rules may be surprising, but nevertheless they’re in place to ensure your safety within your room as well as the residence hall. So you may not be able to bring your candles, or your extension cords, or even your tapestry. However, there are still some ways to work around these restrictions and make your room as functional, comfortable, and personalized as possible.

IMAGE CREDIT: Jonathan Levsky
  1. Command Strips are a necessity.

Command strips, which come in all shapes and sizes, can be used on pretty much anything. They can stick your favorite posters to the wall, hang extra hooks in your room, and hold photos and decor securely. The best part? They’re damage free, meaning no damage fees for you!

  1. Plug in air fresheners.

We all know that candles are awesome; they add both nice aroma and atmosphere to a room. However, they are not legal in campus residence halls. So switch it up and purchase a plug in air freshener for your room to add a nice smell. You can purchase them just about anywhere and can even change up the scents whenever you like; even holiday specific scents. Who doesn’t love the smell of Pumpkin Spice in the fall and Candy Canes in the winter?

Buy curtains and a tension rod to hide a messy closet. // CREDIT: Shauna Nickerson ’18 and Nicole Harkins ’18
  1. Tension rods and curtains will hide that messy closet.

You move into your new room and unpack. Everything has a place, except for the things that don’t. For some, a closet is a perfect place to stuff those extra items you don’t need out in the open. But by purchasing a small tension rod and curtain, your messy closet can be hidden from everyone that enters your room.

  1. Door Draft Stopper are multipurpose.

Door draft stopper can be placed beneath a door to stop air that may be coming in underneath. What many don’t know is that it can also be used to also block light from coming in. So if you’re someone that needs complete darkness to sleep then purchasing one of these is a must.

  1. Fire proof spray your tapestries.

One of the most popular items on and college campus are tapestries. However, like candles, they aren’t allowed. Or are they? A tapestry alone is not allowed unless it is fire resistant. By spraying down the tapestry as well as having proof that it’s fire resistant, you can have that $100 Urban Outfitter tapestry hanging freely in your room.

  1. Invest in a rug.

If you’re anything like me, sitting on the floor in your room to do homework is a pretty common thing. However some floors with old carpets just aren’t as clean as you’d like and trying to clean it yourself is nearly impossible. So cover it up and purchase a rug! You can get any color and size you want and even match it to your room. It also serves as a comfy place to sit or have guests sleep.

  1. Bring extra storage bins.

We all have had that moment when we unpack our room and find that there is not enough space for everything. So purchasing more storage bins for your room is a must. Put anything you need in extra storage to be used when you need it and then just slide it back under your bed when you’re done.

Invest in command hooks and strips to decorate your walls without damage. // CREDIT: Christianna Casaletto ’18
  1. Take advantage of the bed risers.

When you first move into your dorm, you’ll notice that the beds can be raised to any height you want. Most students decide that highest is best for maximum storage. However, this may still not be high enough if you’re trying to put items such as your fridge under your bed. Buy extra bed raisers so that you can raise the bed as high as you need and fit everything perfectly under your bed.

  1. Over the door hangers are a must.

Anybody who has a lot of clothes and shoes will understand just how small the Curry closets really are. By purchasing an over the door hanger, this problem can easily be avoided. A simple hanger is placed over your door and provides extra space to place items such as your shoes and clothes away.

  1. Dryer Racks are a life saver.

Sometimes, the Curry Dryers just don’t do their job, no matter how long you keep cycling your laundry in them. A dryer rack you can solve this problem and be able to hang all your wet clothes out until they are perfectly dry to put away.

College Romances: The Lost Art of Actually Dating


When is the last time you went on a date with someone? Really went on a date with someone, because no, Netflix and Chill doesn’t count.

I mean a pick-you-up-at-the-front-door date. Going out to dinner or a movie, and learning about each other, before being dropped off and watched as you get in your house safely before driving away kind of date. But who has the time for all of that?

For better or worse, we live in a generation concerned with selfie likes and favorites on tweets, a generation looking for instant gratification. Why be concerned with tomorrow when you can be satisfied today? Are you really in a relationship with someone if it isn’t Facebook official? If you aren’t his #womancrushwednesday every week, what’s the point?

What has been lost in recent years is the idea of real dating. Dating is NOT “talking”. Dating is NOT being in a relationship or having the boyfriend(s)/girlfriend(s) title. But maybe the problem is that it’s easier to say what dating ISN’T instead of what it IS.

The fact that doesn’t even have a definition for the word says a lot. However, defines dating as “the early stages of a relationship where they go out on dates to find out what each other is like, as a prelude to actually being a fully-fledged couple.” Better known as the stage between.

The idea of dating has been lost because it’s easier to text someone a few times, meet up, and hook-up, rather than taking the time to really get to know someone and committing to that person. But we don’t see the point in committing when we have so many options for social media hookup through sites like Tinder and OkCupid.

It seems our generation would rather hook-up, and risk awkward eye contact in the quad while avoiding each other altogether in the dining hall, than to dare to arrange a real date.

I’m not saying exploring your options is a bad thing, it’s actually a great thing! But why have we created a mindset that whoever cares less wins? Sure, caring less can be comfortable. You’ll never be vulnerable or have to face rejection. But you’re only building walls and closing doors.

Dating doesn’t mean an end-all to a fun and care free lifestyle. It means finding someone who you can share your fun and care free lifestyle with. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding someone who really gets you, who will be there with you through it all and be your shoulder to lean on. But the only way to find that person – your person – is to take a chance on really dating.

It’s time we stop playing games, learn to communicate beyond emojis, and dare to date.

Mistakes You’ll Make Freshman Year


As we begin the second semester of this school year, I’m sure that all of you freshman out there are reflecting. How have your first few months at college been? Did you make new friends? Discover a new passion? One thing is for sure, you probably made a mistake or two. But fear not! Everyone does, and here are the seven most common mistakes you likely made.

Taking an 8:30 a.m. class

If you’re an early bird, good for you! For everyone else who enjoys sleep and staying sane, avoid these classes at all costs. Yes, you had to wake up early in high school but college is a lot different. Classes are longer, school work is more difficult, and with social events happening everywhere all the time, you’re bound to stay up later than planned.

Wearing your lanyard around your neck

How did this become a thing? The easiest way to be picked out as a freshman is to wear your ID and room key on your Curry College lanyard, jinglin’ and janglin’ as you run to class (why do we run everywhere as freshmen?). You’re like a little dog with an annoying bell collar. Stop it, stop it now.

Staying in a long distance relationship

This isn’t true for everyone, but – more often than not – a long distance relationship can end disastrously in college. Maintaining this relationship could prevent you from making new friends, focusing on school work, and exploring all the social risks you can take. However, if you think your relationship at home is the real deal, and that you can make it work, that’s cool too.

Skipping class

One day doesn’t seem like much, but a lot of class material can be discussed. This includes what to expect on tests, changes in due dates, etc. And with classes costing about $400 each, sleeping in isn’t the most financially prudent choice.

Not sleeping

Sleep is good. Sleep is great. Stop binge watching The Walking Dead on Netflix and get some sleep before you are the walking dead!

Overusing the Curry Class Facebook page

Before school begins, the class Facebook pages are a GREAT way to get to know your fellow Colonels and make some connections. Five months later, blowing up everyone’s notifications by posting about what you had for lunch, or how great your nap was, isn’t so great.

Not Getting Involved

Almost every person who has ever said they “hate school,” or goes home every weekend, are people who don’t do anything at school. DON’T BE THAT PERSON. With over 30 clubs and organizations, (like the Currier Times *cough cough*), Curry has something for everyone! Remember, like Hannah Montana (basically) said: College is what you make it, so let’s make it rock!

10 Things All Curry Students Know To Be True



1. Our campus is extremely photogenic.

Have you ever seen an ugly photo of our campus? We have grassy green hills, huge trees that keep us cool in the summer and give us colorful leaves in the fall, and buildings that look like fairytale cottages and others that are high tech and modern. You can’t help but think that everything on campus is Instagram worthy.

Just check out the Curry College Instagram page and see for yourself.

2. The New England weather will always keep you on your toes.

Pack your parkas and your short shorts, because who knows what the weather will bring! Fall days range from sweltering hot to a dusting of snow. After last year’s record breaking winter, students never thought they’d wish for less snow days. Although, sledding down the Kennedy Hill on lunch trays and having snowball fights were winter highlights.

3. Walking to the Kennedy Building is a major form of torture.

The hill leading up to Kennedy will have you huffing and puffing for at least the first ten minutes of class. But, if you look on the bright side, you’ll see a significant improvement in your leg muscles by the end of your first year!

4. You’ll constantly wonder if nursing students ever sleep.

Nursing students march around campus like soldiers in uniform in, only their wearing navy blue scrubs instead of camouflage. Chances are that when nursing students aren’t at a clinical, they are stowed away in the library, hunched over a stack of nursing textbooks.

5. The kitchen staff are some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet.

When you walk into the dining hall, you’ll feel right at home. Everyone knows your name and you know theirs. Otto, Mary, Laura, Roni, even Hassan – the gang’s all there! The staff are like a family; Jools is your cool aunt who slips you an extra piece of pie, Jason is your super edgy cousin who always has a story about some unbelievable adventure and Colleen is your mom who can cheer you up with a delicious sandwich and a smile. With their friendly faces and awesome personalities, you’ll want to get to know each and every one of these awesome people.



There is nothing like rolling out of bed at 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning and sleepily making your way to the Stu just to wait in the Global Cuisine line for an hour. But it’s all worth it once you get handed a plate full of fluffy, cheesy, egg-y goodness. With tons of choices, an omelet is the perfect way to cure your weekend blues.

7. President Ken Quigley is a mysterious man.

Faster than a speeding bullet, President Quigley will be in and out of a room with a wave and a smile just as fast as he came in. When he is around, you can’t help but be captivated by his presence.

8. The Colonel is shrouded in mystery.


No, you do not pronounce it how it’s spelled. And yes, our mascot does look like the KFC guy, but who wouldn’t want to be associated with fried chicken?

9. The Bell Tower Clock is annoying, yet helpful.

Sitting prominently above the Levin Library, the Bell Tower Clock tolls and rings every hour on the hour for what seems like hours. It’s an “Old kill joy,” as Cinderella would call it. The tolls interrupt your dreams, but make sure you’re on time to class.

10. You spend all of your cash on coffee.

If someone asks you to go to P.S., they are definitely not asking to go by Public Safety. Although we don’t have our own campus coffee shop, we’re surrounded by great off-campus options. P.S. Gourmet, Marylou’s, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are great coffee stops right nearby to give you the caffeine fix you need.