Colonels Down Amcats, 42-3, in Non-Conference Action

BY ZACH MULLER // SEPT. 18, 2016 //

The Curry College football team defeated Anna Maria College, 42-3 coming off their bye week. The victory puts the Colonels at 2-0 ahead of their first conference game next week.

Coming off a strong performance against Bridgewater state, junior quarterback Alex Corvese shined yet again. He finished with 26 completions on 38 throws for 296 yards and a pair of scores. He added six yards and another pair of touchdowns on the ground as well.

Corvese’s most impressive play came in the second quarter when the play broke down at the Anna Maria 7 yard-line. He rolled to his right, pump-faked a throw to the end zone, which sent a defender flying, then ran the ball in on his own.

Senior Anthony Nastasi had another impressive game, catching nine balls for 93 yards and a touchdown.  Classmate Jake Cawlina one-upped him, however, catching only four passes, for a total of 98 yards.

Freshman Tyler Furey and sophomore Fervon Philips paced the running game, racking up 39 yards on 10 carries and 24 yards on five carries, respectively.

The defense had themselves a day as well.  Sophomores Michael Gugliotti and Marc Mrozek, as well as junior Jack O’Rourke all recorded interceptions, with O’Rourke returning his 33 yards for a touchdown. Sophomore Jeremy Eliades and junior Steven Grogan led the Colonels, tallying seven tackles while Grogan added a sack.

Curry got off to a fast start, scoring on their first drive with a 14-play, 80-yard drive, capped off by Corvese’s first rushing touchdown. The defense started equally as strong, forcing a three-and-out and a pick-six their first two possessions out. After the first frame, the Colonels owned a 21-0 lead.

The Amcats opened the scoring in the second quarter with a field goal, but it would be their only score on the afternoon.

Curry ended the half on their best drive of the day when they stormed 74 yards down the field with only 1:28 to play. From eight yards out, on 4th and goal, Corvese found Nastasi in the back of the end zone to close out the first half with a 35-3 score.

Anna Maria had no answer and the Colonels ended up cruising to a 42-3 final score.

After the game, Coach Skip Bandini was visibly happy with the team’s performance. “We’re 2-0,” he said, “exactly where we need to be.”

Rev it up: Curry’s defense held the Amcats to 3-13 on third down conversions when the entire Colonels sideline “Revs it up,” and makes noise.

M-(Cor)V-P: Over the first 2 games. Alex Corvese has 555 passing yards and 7 total touchdowns. Talk about an amazing start!

Conference-Ready: The Colonels have their first New England Football Conference matchup next week at 3-0 Western New England.
Someone’s unbeaten record is going to fall next Saturday afternoon.

Photojournalism Class Shares Final Portfolios


Traditionally I write a formal and objective introduction to these slideshows, but I’m going to allow for candidness here. In my time at Curry and experience with the journalism program, I’ve learned that one of the most important skills a young professional can bring with them into the working world is a technological aptitude.

Fortunately, that technological aptitude often translates into simply knowing how to use the devices that have become implanted to our palms and fingertips, anyway. In journalism, one of the most essential tools a reporter can bring into the field today is their iPhone.

Shooting photos has become an integral part of journalism, and in recognition of this Curry offered students an unlisted Photojournalism class this spring. I was not able to take the class myself, but in working with Professor Nina Hofman and seeing the work her students completed, I cannot recommend the course highly enough.

Whether you are trying to earn a career in journalism (like I am), another career in communication, or looking to finally learn the full potential of a digital camera, this course will put you in the driver seat. Students were sent into the city and other locations on assignment, and advised to take pictures over their spring break, a clear indicator of how this course will provide you with the real-world, experiential learning opportunities that are so critical.

So if you get the chance to, be sure to check out the Photojournalism course for yourself. Professor Hofman is a bright educator and will give you the chance to learn more about photography, the world around you, and yourself. This will be the last photo gallery of this school year, and thus my last gallery to publish, but I would be remiss had I not taken the opportunity to advocate this opportunity to anyone who may be reading this.

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Marty Walsh’s Chief of Staff Never Let ADHD Stop Him


Dan Koh, a Harvard graduate who serves as Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s chief of staff, shared his struggle with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and succeeding in spite of a learning disability, to members of the Curry community during a program hosted Tuesday night by the Curry College Public Relations Student Association.

Aside from explaining day-to-day responsibilities working with Walsh, the major theme throughout the talk was how Koh overcame the obstacle of an ADHD diagnosis at the age of 14. Although it was a challenge, Koh said he used his ADHD as a strength rather than a weakness.

Matthew Katz, a sophomore criminal justice major, said it felt “reassuring” to hear of someone who has had so much success despite struggling with ADHD.

Dan Koh, chief of staff for Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, visited Curry Tuesday night // Photo by Kirk Hazlett
Dan Koh, chief of staff for Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, visited Curry Tuesday night. // PHOTO COURTESY OF KIRK HAZLETT

Even while managing his ADHD, Koh, 31, has developed an impressive resume. He has two Harvard degrees (an undergraduate degree and an MBA), was adviser to former Mayor Tom Menino, General Manager of HuffPost Live, and assisted in the creation CityScore, a way for Walsh and city managers to measure and monitor data trends in the city of Boston.

He has also been honored in Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30, the Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, and was named one of 10 Outstanding Young Leaders by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

John Ridlen, a sophomore Communication major, said he admired how open Koh was about his diagnosis with ADHD. “There are a lot of young people who suffer from learning disabilities, and I think it’s great that he can sort of act as a role model for them.”

During his speech, Koh gave three pieces of advice to those in attendance.

The first was to help people. “Even when it’s a pain in the butt for you. Even when you don’t know that person,” he added. Koh gave an anecdote about how he helped a stranger get a job with the Huffington Post, which he had previously blogged for. That eventually led him to a future job opportunity as chief of staff for Huffington Post founder Ariana Huffington.

The second was to “be persistent.” Koh reminded students that sometimes things fall through, but you shouldn’t give up. Upon hearing there was a job opportunity as chief of staff to the mayor, Koh emailed Walsh numerous times but with no response. However, he decided to send one more email.

“It was actually a Sunday…he was in church on his knees praying because he didn’t have a chief of staff,” said Koh. “He finished his prayer, mass ended, he opened up his phone, and my email was at the top of his inbox.”

The third piece of advice, and the one he stressed the most, resonated with his audience of Curry students. “Just because you struggle in school doesn’t mean you’re a failure,” he said. Koh described how he had a tough time thriving in an academic setting due to his ADHD.

He advised students with similar struggles to find jobs that appeal to their strengths and explained that he avoided a job that involved being at a desk all day and sitting through long meetings. “The real world in terms of working is very different from what you’re doing here.”

dan koh 2
“Just because you struggle in school doesn’t mean you’re a failure,” says Koh. // PHOTO COURTESY OF ELAINA DRUID

“Being able to relate to his challenges in school and hearing about how he overcame them inspired me to keep working hard to reach the goals I have for my own life,” said Alexandra Landry, a freshman Communication major.

Koh’s presentation left a lingering sense of hope for the future. He opened and closed with this message: “If you haven’t got it figured out, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to be successful.”

Kelsey Davis, a freshman Communication major, said she “walked away with knowledge about the professional world and how to be persistent with [her] goals.”

Alexandra Callanan, a sophomore Communication major, added: “It’s refreshing to know that even the most successful people have had struggles that they have overcome. Dan Koh is now someone that I can look up to when it comes to going after what I’m passionate about.”

Enjoy What Boston Has to Offer


With downtown Boston just seven short miles from campus, it’s easy to take advantage of city life, which includes everything from art and theater, to sports and quality dining.

As a freshman, I always figured it would be hard to get off campus and take advantage of the surrounding area, including Boston. I quickly learned about the shuttle service that Curry has to offer. It includes weekend transportation from the Student Center to Faneuil Hall, as well as weekday shuttle services to the surrounding area.

Here are just a few options of happenings in Boston that would be worth your while.

With the Red Sox’s disappointing season finally over, the fall weather reminds us that it’s time for some hockey with the boys in black and gold. You can catch a Bruins game or watch the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden.

The C’s offer college students discounted tickets to select games. The Bruins also offer specific “student nights,” when tickets can be purchased for $50. In both cases, don’t forget to use the promo codes.

The Arts
Check out what is happening with Boston area theater. Happening now is the Lion King as well as Blue Man Group. If theater isn’t your thing, stop by the House of Blues for great live music.

Maybe you don’t want to spend the money to see a show? The Museum of Fine Arts is always an option that offers student discounts.

Good Eats
If you’re looking to escape the dining hall for a meal, I guarantee you’ll find plenty of dining options to meet your tastes. Fire+Ice is one of my favorite places. It offers an all-you-can-eat hibachi style menu, with endless dining possibilities. Monday nights are “college night,” which means your meal is only $10.99.

If you’re looking for some Italian, I suggest heading to the North End. Just don’t forget dessert at the world-famous Mike’s Pastry.


Finding Adventure in Beantown

BY JAMES MCMANUS // OCT. 2, 2014 //

For 19 of my 20 years, I have lived in various neighborhoods of Boston. Experience teaches what guidebooks cannot, so I hope to educate those new to the area a thing or two—or maybe even three—about the wonders of Beantown.

Getting Around
Boston is a confusing place. At the Museum of Science, there’s an exhibit featuring a pendulum swinging around and making random lines in a pile of sand; this is actually our urban planner.

In order to walk around downtown and not feel like you’re in the “Blair Witch Project,” learn the city in terms of MBTA stations. From Curry, get to the Mattapan station on the Red Line. (Use the T-Van shuttle from campus.) From there, it’s 15 stops to Downtown Crossing.

Boston Common // PHOTO BY SELBE B, Creative Commons
Boston Common // PHOTO BY SELBE B, Creative Commons

Keep in mind, most stations are strategically/serendipitously located near just about every place you might want/need to go. So ride the rails. Transfer to the Green Line and check out the glam of Newbury Street (Copley stop). Or transfer to the Orange Line and grab a great Italian meal in the North End (North Station). For $2.10 a ride, it’s a great way to get around and see the city. There’s even a free app to navigate the MBTA system.

Staying amused is pretty easy in Boston. The Boston Common is an endless source of entertainment; someone is always doing something weird there. I was once walking around the Common with some friends from Emerson and we ran into two guys dressed as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger rocking out to Gangnam Style. They gave us all hugs, which was both creepy and kind of nice.

The trick is to stay open and receptive to stuff like that. Embrace the freaky (sometimes literally), and you’ll find yourself stumbling into all kinds of adventures.

For anybody with a magical disposition, Emerson College’s Quidditch team (see Potter, Harry) practices and plays its matches on the Common. Emerson students also put on public plays and other street performances. You’ll often see Suffolk University law and business students walk past and shake their heads at such frivolity. Don’t be like that.

This is your city now, so live it up while you can.