Putting on the Pounds


It’s not easy feeding a college campus, even one as small as Curry. Dining Services in the Student Center serve 44,000 meals a month, which breaks down to about 1,465 meals per day.

As is the case at most colleges, among the three most popular food items at Curry are burgers, chicken and French fries. Students, faculty and staff on campus are eating about 8,000 pounds of chicken alone, not including the various chicken nuggets, fingers and patties that are served.

For more about the quantity of certain foods and beverages Dining Services goes through on an average month, check out the infographic below.

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY ASHLEY BUCKLEY // PHOTOS of eggs, milk, pizza and liquid eggs by ASHLEY BUCKLEY; PHOTOS of tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, burger and French fries by; PHOTO of chicken by LYNN GARDNER.

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