Simple Do’s and Don’ts of Curry College Fashion

BY VANESSA KELLY // APRIL 18, 2012 // 

The following are some simple do’s and don’ts to get you through the year, no matter what time of year it is. There are only a few rules you need to follow:

DO — dress up once in awhile for class. Especially boys!
I understand it’s more comfortable to wear your T-shirt and sweat pants to class, but if you wore a nice shirt and khakis one day just for kicks I promise you will get at least one or two compliments on your outfit. So, the next time you’re complaining about a bad day while wearing your sweats, try to look nice instead. Maybe that bad day could turn out OK thanks to a few compliments girls will give you.

Compliments are always a confidence booster.

**TIP: Quick easy steps to turn a sloppy T-shirt and baggy sweat pants look into something better: Switch those baggy sweats to a comfortable pair of jeans. Then change that typical Curry athletic T-shirt to a simple V-neck shirt with a fitted hoodie over it. You will still be comfy, but also looking handsome all day. Trust me, the girls will appreciate it. **


Do wear cologne or perfume. Deodorant usually does the job, but that extra smell is the real attention-getter.

I can tell when a guy tries, and puts on some cologne. It’s one of those things where they will do a second check on you.  Like, a girl might think, “ooo he’s cute. “ then they will pass each other, and she will get that whiff of sweet sexiness. Her thought process will end with thinking, “and he smells delicious.” It goes the same for boys to girls.

**Tip: Girls, when applying perfume. Make sure you apply it on the back of the neck because if someone hugs you, they will smell your delightful perfume. Good way to get their attention and that smell will remind them of you. **

Don’t wear socks and sandals in public. How many times do I have to say this? It will never be in style, nor will you ever look sexy like that. Instead, wear sneakers, Uggs or sandals without the socks, or even go bare foot. Seriously, I rather see you walking barefoot then wear socks and sandals.

Don’t wear High heels.  Why would you put yourself through that pain? The walk to Kennedy is hard enough in flats. Imagine the blisters you will get from that. Unless you have a job interview in five minutes or your shift is coming up at the topless bar downtown, there is absolutely no reason to trek to Fundamentals of Communication in heels made for the red carpet of a porn convention.[1]

**Tip If you want to wear cute shoes: Instead of heels, wear cute flats or moccasins. Those are perfect for the coming spring weather.

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