Big Bang Event this Saturday Night


“It’s the biggest event on campus.”

So says La’Toya Bentick, who speaks from experience. The former president of the Curry Multicultural Student Union, which hosts the annual Big Bang show, graduated in 2014 but has returned to campus to serve as fashion coordinator and mentor for this year’s event on April 25.

This year’s theme is “UNITY: ALL Lives Matter,” which was inspired by race relation issues in Ferguson, Mo., New York and elsewhere. According to MSU president AJ Stephens, a senior communication major, the theme focuses on the fact that bullets don’t discriminate. All violence needs to stop.

Models Jaida DeCotea (left) and Unique Holley (right) wear Deviant ReBeL during last year's event.
Models Jaida DeCotea (left) and Unique Holley (right) wear Deviant ReBeL during last year’s event.

MSU has won “Club of the Year” honors in each of the last two years.

As always, Big Bang is a charity event open to all students. The student-run organization donates 100 percent of its proceeds to various organizations and non-profits; MSU donated $3,000 last year to groups fighting against youth bullying. According to Stephens, this year’s goal is to raise at least $5,000 for DOMUS: Love Lives Here, which is based in Stamford, Conn. The organization works with homeless youth on issues of health, education and life success.

“We’re using different promotion techniques, such as selling tickets at all of our events leading up to the Big Bang,” says Stephens. In addition, there are radio-related ticketing events and “pop-up” ticket sales opportunities in the Student Center.

The 8th annual Big Bang, to be held in the Student Center gymnasium, will feature its annual fashion show, with student models, and an assortment of live performances. “We have returning models helping to progress new models’ talents,” said Claudia Sentiger, co-chair of fashion and a psychology major at Curry.

Featured designer labels include LezBReaL, Zadon, Garconmanque` U.S.A, and Touch the Sky. Touch the Sky is one of the event’s main designers and sponsors.

Although MSU organizes Big Bang, many other students are volunteering their services. Students involved with Curry theatre productions, including senior Nick Doonan, are helping with stage setup, and senior Andrew Schneider and junior Emily Aronica are serving as event photographers. Big Bang will also feature a variety of vendors.

Tickets are on sale now ($5 for members of the Curry community; $10 otherwise), and they can also be purchased at the event. Doors this Saturday open at 5:30 p.m., with a pre-show at 6.

Women’s Fashion: Don’t Let Winter Wear You Down

BY SANJAY TOURE // MARCH 26, 2015 //

As much as I love the snow and all the happiness it typically brings, I must all admit this winter has been pretty brutal. It has also put a huge damper on people’s fashion choices.

Think about all of your gorgeous boots and cute jackets that had to be put away, because they just don’t keep you warm enough anymore.

Celene Mednick, a freshman graphic design major, is originally from California and has had a hard time adjusting to this season’s crazy weather.

Hunters boots come in plenty of colors, and bring a little style to the dull days of winter and early spring.
Hunters boots come in plenty of colors, and bring a little style to the dull days of winter and early spring.

“It’s just so cold! All I wear now are sweatshirts—bye bye, crop tops!” said Mednick. “Winter coats are so big and puffy, they just make me look fat.”

I share her frustrations. It’s so hard to be fashionable when you have to bundle up all the time. I suggested wool coats. Not only because they come from sheep and they insulate heat, but because they are super slim fitting and perfect for the weather. They’re also not that expensive. If you buy one this time of year, thinking ahead for next fall and winter, you could save significant money.

As for footwear, anything that keeps your feet warm is good. But a common mistake I see a lot of people make is wearing UGGs. Yes they keep your feet warm, but after walking through the snow it creates a white rim around your boots that isn’t so pretty. Instead, try rain boots, preferably Hunters. They’re a little on the pricey side—about $150-$225—but see it as an investment. It’s long-lasting footwear that you can use for many winters and sloppy springs to come.

You can also pair them with knee-high socks for comfort and warmth. With your wool coat, you can throw on a nice warm scarf and you’re good to go…and will look good to boot!

Why Care about What You Wear?

BY ROHMEE MATHE // OCT. 14, 2014 //

College students can attend classes dressed comfortably and casually. But does that mean we should actually wear old sweat pants and T-shirts, and throw on Adidas sandals with tube socks?

When we care about how we dress, we feel better and more energized the rest of the day. Think back to whenever you had to dress up for something. I bet you felt good because you looked good.

If you’re just throwing anything on in the morning, then that’s how you’re going to approach your school work or activities. Your have to put your best effort into everything. Fashion is a great way to start.

There are so many ways to hide certain body parts that you aren’t fond of. If you have love handles, wear more high-waisted pants or skirts. Similarly, if you’re a guy and you don’t want to flaunt parts of your body, avoid wearing form-fitting shirts or pants. Wear more oversized sweaters or “relaxed” jeans.

Fashions from H&M.
Fashions from H&M.

If you prefer more low-waisted or tight-fitting clothing, then this should be your motivation to get to the gym and/or lay off the late-night pizza. By caring more about fashion, you’ll actually notice if you’re gaining weight. It’s almost as if you can see yourself more clearly.

Maybe sweat pants and Adidas sandals are your thing. If it makes you feel good and, more importantly, makes you feel confident and comfortable, then wear them. Fashion is the best way to express yourself without words and to showcase your confidence.

But if you’re opting for sweats and sandals out of laziness, then those choices will likely bleed into far more of your day-to-day decision making. Care about what you wear.

For those in need of inspiration, check out sites like Pinterest. And it’s not only for women; Pinterest offers lots of looks for men, too. And you can always find trendy and inexpensive clothing at stores like Forever21, H&M and

Big Bang Makes Some Noise


The seventh annual Big Bang fashion show and performance showcase took place on Saturday, April 12 in the Curry College Student Center. Hosted by the Multicultural Student Union, the event featured student models, performers and even a drag show. Moreover, money was raised for a pair of local organizations, including Boston vs Bullies.


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Step Out Like a Disney Princess

BY COURTNEY LEE // NOV. 20, 2013 //

What little girl didn’t want to be a princess when she was young? Now that we are in college, it might look a little weird walking around in a gown to your classes, but you can still look like royalty…or, at least, royally good. Below are some hip and current ways to incorporate your favorite Disney princess into your outfit.

The-Little-Mermaid-3D.2Monday: Ariel, The Little Mermaid
Even though you can’t walk around with a mermaid tail and a sea-shell bra, there are some things you can do to give your outfit an aquatic feel. If you are a diehard mermaid fan, you can go to Hot Topic and get one of their many Little Mermaid items of clothing, from T-shirts to leggings and skirts. Just don’t wear it all at once. Or, just pick up on the colors of Ariel, and try some dark green jeans, a purple shirt and a red necklace.

Tuesday: Belle, Beauty and the Beast
Belle is nice and sweet, so why not bring that into your outfit? If you want to go literal, visit Hot Topic because they have a whole Disney section. But if you want to keep it subtle, I would say get a yellow oversized sweater or a cardigan (that matches the color of her dress) with some black leggings and brown boots.

Wednesday: Cinderella
It’s the middle of the week, so you are probably overwhelmed and busy. But don’t forget your glass slipper! Cinderella, who is one of my favorite princesses, often wears light blue to the ball. This color would look great as either a cardigan or a straight sweater. If you want to do a little extra, maybe try some light blue pants. Find some silver jewelry and you are ready to go. Another thing you can do is tie a blue ribbon in your hair, to match Cinderella’s

Thursday: Pocahontas
Now, some people might say that Pocahontas isn’t a princess. But she is in my eyes! To recreate her very earthy outfit, go with a brown or tan oversized sweater with some black leggings. Find those boots with the fringe on them to replicate the fringe on her dress. Add a nice “hippie” headband and you are all ready to “paint the colors of the wind.”

Friday: Jasmine, Aladdin
Jasmine is the rebel princess who always had a sassy attitude and didn’t want to get married to just anyone. So let’s bring that sassiness into your outfit. How about some dark blue high-waist skinny jeans, a cropped sweater, and brown ankle booties. Don’t forget to put on some bold statement jewelry and you are ready to see a whole new world.

Just because you are in college, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your princess dreams in the past. Follow the above suggestions, and add your own twists, and you’ll be looking like royalty in no time.