Step Out Like a Disney Princess

BY COURTNEY LEE // NOV. 20, 2013 //

What little girl didn’t want to be a princess when she was young? Now that we are in college, it might look a little weird walking around in a gown to your classes, but you can still look like royalty…or, at least, royally good. Below are some hip and current ways to incorporate your favorite Disney princess into your outfit.

The-Little-Mermaid-3D.2Monday: Ariel, The Little Mermaid
Even though you can’t walk around with a mermaid tail and a sea-shell bra, there are some things you can do to give your outfit an aquatic feel. If you are a diehard mermaid fan, you can go to Hot Topic and get one of their many Little Mermaid items of clothing, from T-shirts to leggings and skirts. Just don’t wear it all at once. Or, just pick up on the colors of Ariel, and try some dark green jeans, a purple shirt and a red necklace.

Tuesday: Belle, Beauty and the Beast
Belle is nice and sweet, so why not bring that into your outfit? If you want to go literal, visit Hot Topic because they have a whole Disney section. But if you want to keep it subtle, I would say get a yellow oversized sweater or a cardigan (that matches the color of her dress) with some black leggings and brown boots.

Wednesday: Cinderella
It’s the middle of the week, so you are probably overwhelmed and busy. But don’t forget your glass slipper! Cinderella, who is one of my favorite princesses, often wears light blue to the ball. This color would look great as either a cardigan or a straight sweater. If you want to do a little extra, maybe try some light blue pants. Find some silver jewelry and you are ready to go. Another thing you can do is tie a blue ribbon in your hair, to match Cinderella’s

Thursday: Pocahontas
Now, some people might say that Pocahontas isn’t a princess. But she is in my eyes! To recreate her very earthy outfit, go with a brown or tan oversized sweater with some black leggings. Find those boots with the fringe on them to replicate the fringe on her dress. Add a nice “hippie” headband and you are all ready to “paint the colors of the wind.”

Friday: Jasmine, Aladdin
Jasmine is the rebel princess who always had a sassy attitude and didn’t want to get married to just anyone. So let’s bring that sassiness into your outfit. How about some dark blue high-waist skinny jeans, a cropped sweater, and brown ankle booties. Don’t forget to put on some bold statement jewelry and you are ready to see a whole new world.

Just because you are in college, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your princess dreams in the past. Follow the above suggestions, and add your own twists, and you’ll be looking like royalty in no time.

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