Women’s Fashion: Don’t Let Winter Wear You Down

BY SANJAY TOURE // MARCH 26, 2015 //

As much as I love the snow and all the happiness it typically brings, I must all admit this winter has been pretty brutal. It has also put a huge damper on people’s fashion choices.

Think about all of your gorgeous boots and cute jackets that had to be put away, because they just don’t keep you warm enough anymore.

Celene Mednick, a freshman graphic design major, is originally from California and has had a hard time adjusting to this season’s crazy weather.

Hunters boots come in plenty of colors, and bring a little style to the dull days of winter and early spring.

Hunters boots come in plenty of colors, and bring a little style to the dull days of winter and early spring.

“It’s just so cold! All I wear now are sweatshirts—bye bye, crop tops!” said Mednick. “Winter coats are so big and puffy, they just make me look fat.”

I share her frustrations. It’s so hard to be fashionable when you have to bundle up all the time. I suggested wool coats. Not only because they come from sheep and they insulate heat, but because they are super slim fitting and perfect for the weather. They’re also not that expensive. If you buy one this time of year, thinking ahead for next fall and winter, you could save significant money.

As for footwear, anything that keeps your feet warm is good. But a common mistake I see a lot of people make is wearing UGGs. Yes they keep your feet warm, but after walking through the snow it creates a white rim around your boots that isn’t so pretty. Instead, try rain boots, preferably Hunters. They’re a little on the pricey side—about $150-$225—but see it as an investment. It’s long-lasting footwear that you can use for many winters and sloppy springs to come.

You can also pair them with knee-high socks for comfort and warmth. With your wool coat, you can throw on a nice warm scarf and you’re good to go…and will look good to boot!

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  1. Almost all of these tips are just so amazing to live up to summer season. Loved the thin layer idea….this one is absolutely I wold love to adhere to.
    Thanks for sharing.

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