Town Health Inspector Called to Campus

BY NICK IRONSIDE // SEPT. 6, 2012 //

A WBZ reporter stands next to Public Safety chief Brian Greeley, while director of Residence Life, Erik Muurisepp, talks on his phone in front of Main House residence hall. // PHOTO BY NICK IRONSIDE

A Curry junior took some bold steps this afternoon to shine a light on his basement dorm room.

Peter Maxwell Jr., a communication major, called the town of Milton’s board of health department today to file a formal complaint about his living conditions. The town’s health and building inspectors came to Main House this afternoon, but reportedly found no code violations.

According to Maxwell, he has complained multiple times over the past two years to Residence Life about his living conditions on campus, yet his concerns have largely gone unresolved, he said. Despite the inspectors’ findings, Maxwell said he plans to run his own mold test, which he will “ship off to a laboratory.”

Dorm conditions do vary greatly at Curry. Some freshmen live in the warm and worn Mayflower Hall on the north side of campus, while select upperclassmen relax in the air-conditioned South Campus Residence Hall on the south side. Main House, located next to the PAL office building, is on the older side of Curry dorms.

“It’s disgusting how [Curry] is treating me,” said Maxwell. “I feel like I’m a prisoner in my own room.”

According to Erik Muurisepp, Curry’s director of residence life, his office is looking into the issues brought forward by Maxwell. Among the issues is poor ventilation—Maxwell lives in the basement of the building—and some interior water infiltration. Muurisepp declined to comment further.

To call even greater attention to his concerns, Maxwell contacted WBZ channel 4 and other media outlets. WBZ was on campus today, interviewing Maxwell as well as other students.

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