Campaigning for SGA Elections Start


The candidates are set and so are the election days.

Curry’s Student Government Association elections will run from Monday, Sept. 17 to Wednesday, Sept. 19, with students able to cast their votes online through the MyCurry portal. Voting closes at midnight on the 19th.

Freshman Christian Rodriguez is running for class vice president. // PHOTO BY KELSEY MARCHETTI

Students running for class officer positions or other slots will campaign in a variety of ways. Some said they would speak directly to their peers, while others plan to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to get their messages and promises out to Curry’s student body.

“Campaigning is important,” said current SGA President Corey Theodore. “You must get your name out there or you will not get voted for. Some keys to campaigning are making your name recognizable and spreading your message quickly. There is a limited amount of time to campaign, and efficiency is crucial.”

In most cases, however, there is little reason to actually campaign because students are running uncontested. Full elections were held last spring, but vacancies remained. Those running uncontested for open seats include:

  • Megan McGrath, Class of 2013, secretary
  • Katherine Doering, Class of 2014, vice president
  • Matt Kurz, Class of 2014, treasurer
  • Daniel Freeman, Class of 2014, secretary
  • Briana Smith, Class of 2015, treasurer
  • Andrew Marinaro, Class of 2015, class representative

The freshmen class is the only class that has students running for contested positions. Kalene Lombard and Jennifer Vaughan are both running for Class of 2016 president, while Kirsten Antonsen and Christian Rodriguez are running for vice president. The other two positions for the Class of 2016 are uncontested, with Jessica Kearney running for treasurer and Leigha Sweeney running for secretary.

Elected student representatives must attend all SGA meetings, held on Wednesdays from 2 to 4 p.m. SGA serves as the voice and advocates of the student body. Class representatives and class officers are supposed to bring forward the concerns of the student body, and the SGA works to discuss those concerns and work to solve them.

“Student government is supposed to be representing the students,” said Theodore. “If the students don’t vote, they may not have the best representation available.”

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