We Are Not Children Anymore


Our parents don’t want to admit it. They all think their children are perfect angels who would never do recreational drugs or drink a little too much.

We are adults. We now have the freedom and the ability to do things we were never allowed to do under our parents’ and guardians’ watch. And because we have heard the word “no” for most of our lives, many of us are now taking our newfound liberation pretty far.

Some students take too much advantage of life without parental supervision at college. // STOCKVAULT.NET

Of course, there is truth to having too much of a good thing. College students are notorious for getting carried away with their new freedom. Some abuse it to the point where they are missing classes because they are too hung over or even getting in trouble with school authorities. Missing class means losing a chunk of tuition money, or enduring a heated lecture from your parents for poor grades or worse.

So, be careful with alcohol. Take the time to educate you and your friends about alcohol poisoning. Some warning signs for alcohol poisoning can include slow or irregular breathing, extreme confusion, pale skin, or if one vomits while passed out. It’s a good idea to keep all of this in mind when you’re at a party.

And it’s not just alcohol that first-year students need to be careful of. Drug use is also an issue. OK, weed might be less harmful in comparison to drugs like cocaine, heroin or acid (do people even do acid anymore?). But it’s hardly an innocent drug.

Take the time to learn about the affects of drugs. According to the link, not everyone who smokes weed experiences the same type of “high.” It can differ because of “…potency, dose, chemical composition, method of consumption and set and setting.”

As a little incentive, a new policy has been added to Curry’s financial aid system: If you are caught doing drugs on campus, you will lose your financial aid. So, keep that in mind if you ever decide to smoke pot on campus.

Being careful and responsible is the bottom line. Use your new freedom wisely. Because if you don’t, you might find yourself out of school and back living at home with your parents.

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