Creating a Community Bond


Yes, commuter students do exist. But from what I’ve seen, commuters don’t feel a part of the community here at Curry College. It’s time to cure those commuter blues.

Commuters should not feel isolated from the Curry community. // WWW.SXC.HU

Ever since I arrived on campus this fall, the buzz has been about bonding and building peer relationships. That’s great and all, but I’m a commuter. It’s not easy meeting new people when you don’t live on campus and typically aren’t around on the weekends. Plus, our schedules don’t always fit with the schedules of clubs or many on-campus social activities.

Having to commute to college, any college, is a challenge. But falling short in the social scene shouldn’t be a part of that. Here are a few suggestions for non-residents to make the most of their time at Curry.

* Curry provides on-campus students with great opportunities to go off campus. Unfortunately, the shuttle doesn’t go everywhere. If you really want to see Milton, Boston or the surrounding area, ask a commuter to show you around. Maybe Curry’s Student Activities Department could even help arrange commuter-student-led outings.

* Commuters do have to put in more effort themselves. There are a number of clubs, sports and activities available to them. Read the Currier Times/ and check out Curry’s Facebook page to learn about events and activities. Make the time to stay or return to campus to get involved; it might make your stay here that much more enjoyable.

Being on campus during the weekend really doesn’t matter. Social media is a great tool for keeping your finger on the pulse of our campus, and actually getting involved is a huge part of the experience at any college.

It may seem overwhelming to take on so much, especially as a freshman, but it’s worth it.

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