Another Day on the Job

BY ALYSSA GALLO // SEPT. 21, 2012 //

College is expensive, and so too is a car. But there are a lot of opportunities to work on campus.

Work-study is a form of financial aid that provides jobs for undergraduates who need help to pay for their education. Students have to complete an application for federal student aid (better known as FAFSA) to be considered for work-study.

A student with a work-study job can earn up to at least $3,400 a year. When a student has a work-study job, he or she can work only eight hours a week—leaving ample time for school work and other activities. Students receive a weekly paycheck for the number of hours they have worked.

Sometimes, a student may qualify for work-study but he or she isn’t able to find a job anywhere on campus. This may be because the job they are applying for is already full. Most campus jobs at Curry are office jobs, although there are positions at the Student Center, the Fitness Center, and other departments on campus.

Working on campus allows you to meet other students and network with faculty and administrators. It may even give you the opportunity to gain career experience. If you’re going to study biology, for example, you might be able to find a work-study job as a lab assistant. If art is your area of interest, there may be job opportunities in an on-campus gallery or studio.

Even if a student isn’t eligible for a work-study job on campus, there are other job opportunities for students. Career Services is a good resource for students who are searching for on-campus jobs.

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