The Jealous Girlfriend

BY ALYSSA MCCANN // SEPT. 26, 2012 //  

The jealous girlfriend is a creature you never want to be up against. If a jealous girlfriend ever confronts you, I suggest you run away. Even if you think you are safe, she will find a way to hunt you down.

The jealous girlfriend can be a scary thing.

The jealous girlfriend will ask, “Why are you tweeting to her?” or “Who is this girl calling herself your best friend!” Jealous girlfriends don’t actually care about the answer to these questions. The jealous girlfriend is always a couple of steps ahead of the game. They already know everything about this girl you’re seen in a picture with.

And in her head, she has already accused you of cheating. She has even created an entire theory about how much of a jerk you are.

I can honestly say I have never been that jealous girlfriend, but I can tell you I have been around a few in my life. It’s frightening, to say the least.

I recently received a text from my friend explaining why he broke up with his girlfriend. He complained that she went crazy when he would text girls who were his friends. (I guess I was one of the girls she was referring to.)

I’m 90 percent sure they will get back together. Nobody breaks up permanently because of jealousy, at least the first time around. Jealousy is just the beginning to an unhealthy relationship.

By  “unhealthy,” I mean her nagging him about who he is texting, speaking to, taking pictures with, and the list goes on. There are some ways to deal with jealous girlfriends, like knowing to just speak to them and be logical. Take notes, boys. I suggest you pay attention, because once the beast is unleashed, you lose.

Of course, jealous guys are just as bad as jealous girls—only they handle it in a different way. Instead of confronting you about it, a jealous boyfriend will most likely take the “one-word answer” route. (I’ll save that for another blog posting.)

But don’t let your insecurities push you away from a good relationship. Be you and contain the jealous girlfriend beast inside of you. Don’t end up dropping a relationship just because of your jealousy.

Not everything your boyfriend or girlfriend does is wrong, and they aren’t trying to hurt or spite you in any way. That is, until you find out they really are cheating. Then, unleash the beast!

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