Football and War on Campus

BY A.J. SPIRITO // OCT. 4, 2012 //

When the pens and books go away after a hardcore study session or a long day of classes, floor-mates and fellow students join in on endless video gaming fun. Here at Curry, the excitement can be heard echoing down the hallways.

Madden 13 is one of the most popular video games on Curry’s campus. // PHOTO BY A.J. SPIRITO //

In North Campus Residence Hall, the gaming has been intense this semester. The most popular video games are “Call of Duty,” “NCAA Football,” “Skyrim” and Madden 13.

When Madden 13 comes on, it’s like a magnet for Curry students—they are seemingly pulled into someone’s room to watch the action unfold. You would think an actual NFL game was being played, as people cheer and yell at each play. Cheers are often followed by trash-talking, which can get a little uncomfortable at times. But, hey, it’s part of the experience!

Madden sometimes gets so intense that tournaments are even set up. Each player tries to survive to earn the title of “Madden Champion.” Strategy often takes a backseat to hometown loyalty, as students usually choose to play as their favorite team. As a Patriot fan, I always choose New England and its “golden boy” quarterback, Tom Brady.

While football gaming can sometimes get rough, it’s nothing when compared to other games. If you walk down the halls of NCRH and hear gunshots or grenades going off, there is no need to worry. Someone is probably knee deep in some “Call of Duty” chaos. Arguably the most popular game to date, “Call of Duty” is a clear favorite of students here at Curry.

In “Call of Duty,” you are given the option to play against another player in your room or you can team up with your whole floor and take on people miles away thanks to Xbox Live. This feature is what makes C.O.D. so popular. You can pretty much have a virtual war with people from all over the world on one game system.

Video games are more popular than ever, and Curry students love them with a passion. Whether you’re tossing up a game-winning Hail Mary pass in “Madden 13,” or crawling through the explosion riddled battlefields of “Call of Duty,” you can always bet on having a wicked time with your friends.

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