Making a Difference


When you think of spring break, the following images come to mind: beaches, the casual drink, partying with friends, endless amounts of sleep and relaxation, and nights on the town. But have you ever considered going to a place in need of new homes and repairs?

Curry’s Alternative Spring Break option for 2013 involves going to Delaware with Habitat for Humanity. // STUDENT ACTIVITIES FLIER //

In the spring semester, a select number of Curry students will be spending their spring break helping those who aren’t as fortunate as us. They will be going to Delaware for a week to spend time fixing and building new homes for those who are out of shelters, or don’t have a decent place to live.

Now don’t worry. For those of you who aren’t good with a hammer and a bunch of nails (like myself), you don’t have to have any knowledge of construction to be handy. When you get there, the hosts will teach you everything you need to know to make next year’s Habitat for Humanity a success.

Students will stay in a local church where they will be provided food and warm showers. Every morning, they will wake up and get to work on building homes. This may not sound like a ton of fun compared to going to the beach. But think about it. You are helping people who really need this.

Some people would not have a stable house to live in if it weren’t for this organization. Their living conditions are unbearable, which is where the students come in. Some years, they have started from scratch, building an entire house. Other years, they just do renovations to help make the home more livable.

If you are interested in spending your Spring Break helping out and making a difference with Curry College’s section of Habitat for Humanity, you can pick up an application (due Nov. 1) in the Student Activities Office.

You need to fill out a short application stating why you should be chosen to help these families and give some basic information. A total of 24 students are chosen to go on the trip out of all applicants. The chosen students are required to raise $150 to help with transportation and supplies.

Don’t sit around like the typical lazy college student this spring break. Get up, help out and make a difference.

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