The “T” and Curry


It is no secret that Curry is a world of its own – a sharp turn off of Blue Hill Avenue into a private world where the “T” doesn’t seem to run.

Curry has a shuttle van that takes students to and from the Mattapan T station. // FOTER.COM //

In my previous blog, I mentioned ways commuters could get involved on campus. This week I’ll focus on how non-driving commuters get to Curry.

Most commuters drive and park on campus. It’s great to have that ability and definitely convenient. Our campus is very car friendly and an ideal location to drive to, but what if you don’t drive?

I have tried various routes to school. For commuters without their license, though, it’s nearly impossible to get to Curry on time.

I have been a Boston resident all of my life, and public transit is something I depend on. I have been to hell and back on public transit and have relied on it to get to and from middle school and high school.

Public transit isn’t perfect in Boston, but it’s an exciting experience to commute on the T. Many people share and love their experiences. Others don’t like it too much.

I have never had a dull moment. My only wish is that public transit would reach Curry in a more accessible way.

It would not only be more convenient for commuters, but would also really connect the school. I can testify for most Boston residents that Curry would be a more attractive option if it were easily accessible.

Curry has made great efforts with the T-van and shuttles, but it only runs for so long. Staying out after 9 p.m. is out of the question without a car. In terms of commuter students, it’s not the best option.

If public transit had a bus that ran by Curry it would save commuters a lot of time. Time isn’t the only problem here, though space is another issue. The T-van can only carry so many at a time.

From what I’ve heard, Curry doesn’t intend to expand, and that’s reflected in the recent dorm overflow. It seems we have more students than rooms here, so how do we fix it? Commuters, of course.

Making Curry commuter friendly would definitely be a good thing for the college. Curry would be able to address housing issues and even increase the student body without having to expand dorms.

It’s evident that Curry isn’t completely commuter friendly, but it’s off to a good start. Commuting can be exciting when it’s not a struggle to get to and from.

From what I can see, public transit and Curry haven’t meshed yet. Once they do, not only will this campus be more connected, but a significant amount of MBTA-dependent students will be taking an interest in Curry College.

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