Nine New F-T Professors Join Faculty


There are a lot of new faces on campus this semester, and it’s not just students. Nine new faculty members joined the Curry community this year.

The new full-time faculty members are, front row from the left: Jennifer Ceven, Shavindrie Cooray and Kristen Getchell. Back row: Coleen Toronto, Laura Carsten and Benjamin Hidalgo. // COURTESY PHOTO //

Some professors were hired to fill vacant positions, while others were brought on to expand certain academic departments. The new faculty hires are: Alissa Cardone (Fine and Applied Arts), Laura Carsten, (Politics and History), Jennifer Ceven (Math), Shavindrie Cooray (Management), Kristen Getchell (English), Benjamin Hidalgo (Psychology), Coleen Toronto (Nursing), and Karen Lischinsky (Sociology), a longtime Curry lecturer—and the college’s “Teacher of the Year” in 2011—who is now full time.

Dorria DiManno, interim associate dean of academic affairs, said she is thrilled to welcome such “fabulous new faculty” who are “brimming with ideas” to serve their students and the campus as a whole.

William Nancarrow, interim dean of faculty, explained that every college hires new professors most years. But given the relatively small size of Curry, new professors can have a far greater impact here than at larger institutions. “Curry College is changing, and being a part of that change is exciting to new faculty,” said Nancarrow. “It allows them to really make their mark.”

Curry hasn’t just added people, though. Both DiManno and Nancarrow left their full-time teaching positions, in the Communication and Politics and History departments, respectively, to fill in due to a pair of administrative departures. Associate Dean Lisa Ijiri and Dean of Faculty Cassandra Horii left Curry this past summer for new jobs. Ijiri, who worked as a PAL professor and administrator at Curry for nearly 20 years, is now associate provost for academic programs and resource planning at Lesley University (Cambridge, Mass.), while Horii, who joined Curry in 2009, is now director of teaching and learning programs at the California Institute of Technology (Pasadena). Curry is currently working to fill both positions.

There have been relatively few faculty departures at Curry in recent years. As more new faculty come to work here, DiManno said the college hopes they can join with existing professors, administrators and staff to help drive positive results for students and the institution.

“Overall, change comes slowly to large institutions, whether it’s Curry College or General Motors,” said DiManno. “Although [recent changes are] not revolutionary, I hope students believe this is a better place to receive their education.”

The new full-time faculty members are, front row from the left: Jennifer Ceven, Shavindrie Cooray and Kristen Getchell. Back  row: Coleen Toronto, Laura Carsten and Benjamin Hidalgo.

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