Questions for Adam Coulter


You think you know social media? Sorry…Adam Coulter is the king on campus. Hired in 2011, he works in the Institutional Relations department and oversees the college’s social media operations, from Facebook to Twitter to sites you may not even know of yet.

Adam Coulter is Curry's social media specialist. // COURTESY PHOTO //

Adam Coulter is Curry’s social media specialist. // COURTESY PHOTO //

CT: What do you do at Curry as the school’s social media specialist?

AC: It’s using social media in a strategic way to help achieve our goals as a college. A few of the goals, for example, are increasing brand awareness, attracting prospective students and connecting with alumni. Some specifics includes managing all institutional social media accounts, working with departments to create/manage their own accounts, [and] contribute video and articles for the Web site and Curry’s social media.

CT: What are some challenges you face?

AC: It’s sometimes challenging to be available 24/7 to respond to prospective or current students’ questions or to post important messages. I also think it’s what makes social media such a powerful tool for an organization—you are able to communicate with your community at any time, one to one.

CT: Is the college considering the use of more social media platforms?

AC: I’d say Instagram will be the next one we devote a lot of time and effort toward. When I arrived 15 months ago, I concentrated on creating and building up our institutional Facebook and Twitter presences, and Pinterest to some extent. Now that that’s in place, it’s time to branch out a bit more.

CT: You’re expecting your second child soon. What do you picture the social media landscape looking like when he or she is a college freshman?

AC: I’d offer that social is definitely going the way of more content-focused interaction between people. Instead of creating profiles like on Facebook or creating your own blog, new platforms such as encourage collaboration among many people around themes/content.

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