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‘They Just Call Me Vine Girl’


BY MATTHEW GLEASON // NOV. 5, 2013 // We live in a world dominated by social media. Whether it’s through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other digital platform, everyone can share his or her thoughts and observations for others to consume. But most people reach only a relatively small number of “consumers.” Curry freshman Gabrielle Pearl is not “most

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Questions for Adam Coulter

coulter featured image

BY THE CURRIER TIMES STAFF //DEC. 10, 2012 // You think you know social media? Sorry…Adam Coulter is the king on campus. Hired in 2011, he works in the Institutional Relations department and oversees the college’s social media operations, from Facebook to Twitter to sites you may not even know of yet. CT: What do you do at Curry as the school’s

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Poking Your Roommate

As of Nov. 14, the Curry College Class of 2016 Facebook group had 611 members. // COURTESY PHOTO //

BY ANDREW BLOM // NOV. 15, 2012 // When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook from his dorm room in 2004, he did so to help his fellow Harvard students better connect with one another. Eight years later, the site has become so much more, with nearly a billion users worldwide. But Facebook remains an almost indispensible tool for making collegiate connections—sometimes

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Curry, We Have a Problem


BY BRITTANY JENNINGS // MARCH 6, 2012 // Most college students feel comfortable expressing their opinions online. They also like to complain. By combining the two, a number of Curry students have found a collective home on Twitter for their many objections about life on campus. “One day, I saw that a bunch of my friends from Suffolk, UMass, Salem

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