Student Sexually Assaulted on Campus


[CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story reported that Metellus wasn’t enrolled at Curry this past academic year. He actually last attended the college in the fall of 2012.]

Three men were arraigned in Quincy District Court today on charges of sexually assaulting a Curry College student following an on-campus dance early Sunday morning, Jan. 20.

PHOTO BY HARVEY K, via Flickr Creative Commons

PHOTO BY HARVEY K, via Flickr Creative Commons

Justin Oliver Castor, 19, of Arlington, Shakarus D. Semexant, 20, of Malden, and Kensley Metellus, 19, of Malden, were charged with aggravated rape, conspiracy to commit rape, assault with intent to rape, and indecent assault and battery. Castor and Metellus used to attend Curry, but neither was enrolled this semester. All three have been released on bail, according to Milton Police.

Although the incident occurred in a residence hall Jan. 20, and the victim notified the college two days later, Curry alerted the campus community only on Monday afternoon, Jan. 28. Milton Police arrested the three men Friday, Jan. 25.

Dean of Students Maryellen Kiley, who sent the Jan. 28 email alert to the college community, was unavailable for comment. According to Kiley’s email, the victim reportedly knew the two former Curry students. In addition, the college chose not to notify the campus community earlier because there was no “immediate danger or threat to community members.”

In an email to the Currier Times, Fran Jackson, director of communications at Curry, said: “We are deeply saddened by this incident, and our team is 100 percent focused on continuing to provide all necessary support to our students. We appreciate the rapid work of the Milton Police to address this issue in a professional and sensitive manner.”

Both Milton Police and the Curry Public Safety departments declined to comment on the situation, citing privacy concerns and the ongoing legal process. Curry students, however, had much to say.

Curry junior Danielle Cassidy, a health major, said the incident has decreased her comfort level on campus at night. “You don’t hear about these things often here, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable after this walking from North Campus to South at night,” she said.

Added junior psychology major Annie Rutter: “It’s kind of terrifying that it happened in one of the buildings here. It makes me feel a little unsafe.”

According to Milton Police, three other incidents arose at Curry following the Jan. 20 dance. Two students were transported to area hospitals due to over-intoxication, and a verbal dispute between two students led to the presence of several more police vehicles on campus.

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