An Affordable Spring Break

BY JUSTIN SOME // MARCH 6, 2013 //

With spring break right around the corner, I’m sure most people have already figured out their plans, whether they’re traveling or hanging out with friends from back home.

But for those who do not yet have set plans and are looking for something to do outside of their hometown, there are plenty of affordable options. If you’re 21 or older, one option is taking a drive down to Atlantic City, N.J. A room for a night at Bally’s Atlantic City is $28 with all fees included on There’s a lot to do in Atlantic City besides gambling; there are plenty of bars and shows.

If you’re looking to stay in the Boston area over Spring Break and haven’t been to a Celtics game in awhile, they have a home stand all of next week. The Celts are in the midst of a playoff race, so every game counts. On Wednesday, March 13, the Celtics will host the Raptors, and tickets on Seatgeek are currently $22, including fees. Based on the ticket price and location, Seatgeek will grade each seat with a score from 1-100, 100 being the best overall deal, and one being the absolute worst ticket on the website.

There are always other things to do in Boston, such as going to bars or sightseeing. Additionally, New York is only three to four hours away, which makes it accessible for day trips. If you’re looking to spend a little more money, do the big tourist attractions that you normally wouldn’t do, like Faneuil Hall or Times Square.

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