Make Time to Find Yourself

BY ALYSSA MCCANN // SEPT. 23, 2013 //

Space and time. They seem infinite and plentiful, but it’s how we manage the two that often defines the success of our relationships.

Some of the best moments in a young person’s life are shared with people they enjoy being around. But giving others space, or choosing independence for yourself, is often the best thing to do.

complicatedIt is great to spend time with someone you are in a relationship with, but the healthiest relationships consist of independent people who can be themselves when together. If you hear your boyfriend or girlfriend ask for space or want to do things alone, don’t freight or freak out. You should want the same for yourself!

The only way you will be happy with your life, and your relationships, is when you are first truly happy with yourself.

I have watched too many friends invest  time and energy into a person who did not reciprocate. And trust me when I tell you, those relationships don’t last. And they shouldn’t.

Give yourself a chance to be alone and experience life. It’s one of the best ways to grow; we need to make mistakes and live our own lives. That way, we are giving our best selves to others.

People often cling to situations and relationships. They live in fear of change and the unknown, and stick with what they know—even if it’s less than ideal. The trick to life is not to worry about the future. Our future relies on us to let go, and to move on with the things that don’t fill us up any longer

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