Eat Right to Stay Tight

BY JOE LOPOPOLO // OCT. 10, 2013 //

Eating healthy to keep your body looking right can be tough for college students everywhere. But always remember, you’re in control.

Students at Curry College have access to a great cafeteria and multiple off-campus options to find healthy and affordable eats.

The McDonald's grilled chicken sandwich has just 350 calories. Order it with no bun and mayo, and you've knocked that number down to 100.

The McDonald’s grilled chicken sandwich has just 350 calories. Order it with no bun and mayo, and you’ve knocked that number down to 100.

If you don’t want the “Freshman Fifteen,” you have to think about your diet. In addition to affecting your physical appearance, poor eating habits can negatively impact your mood, mental performance, and overall college experience.

Protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats all play key roles. However, you can’t just eat anything. Focus on quality proteins such as eggs, complex carbs like vegetables, and healthy fats such as fish and olive oil.

The easiest way to do this is by taking advantage of your meal plan. Curry offers a dining experience that includes fresh ingredients and tons of healthy choices. Typical entrees include pasta, vegetables, grilled chicken and salads. In the mornings, you can also get a healthy breakfast, including egg whites and yogurt topped with granola.

For those students too busy to stop and eat, try preparing homemade meals. Stop & Shop, located less than 2 miles from campus in Hyde Park, always has sales and tons of healthy food options. Maybe you can find a roommate or friend who is willing to drive. The smartest thing is to buy in bulk, to get the best bang for your buck.

Sure, there will always be those late nights when you’re out and end up at McDonald’s or the like. That’s OK; just make smart choices. Instead of a Big Mac, go for a grilled chicken sandwich. If you’re truly serious about your health, ask them to hold the bun and mayo and wrap the sandwich in lettuce. That’s just 100 calories and, trust me, you’ll be lovin’ how you feel.

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