Setting the Record Straight


It was 50 years ago that The Beatles appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” the group’s U.S. broadcast debut. Most college students are familiar with The Beatles, but few know anything about the band’s many musical inspirations.

If you watched the recent Grammy’s tribute to The Beatles on Feb. 9, you might have heard Buddy Holly’s name and even his hit 1957 song “That’ll Be The Day.” In fact, the insect-themed name “Beatles” was in homage to Holly’s band “The Crickets.” The Crickets even appeared on Sullivan’s show a mere five years before the Beatle’s iconic performance, on Feb. 9, 1964.

11_12_8_webAnother of Holly’s classic songs is “Everyday,” a song often overlooked but instantly recognizable from its use in various movies and commercials.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Back to the Future,” then you’re guaranteed to have heard a version of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode,” a somewhat autobiographical song from the musician released in 1958. The song is instantly recognizable from its opening guitar lick. The Beatles knew Berry’s music well; “Roll Over Beethoven” and “Rock and Roll Music” made their way into the Beatle’s list of cover songs.

Vinyl records may no longer be in fashion, replaced by the ease and clarity of digital music, but there are plenty of places to still enjoy music as it was originally recorded by the all-time greats. When you put the needle on the disc and sound comes out, you’ll notice the difference in sound quality almost immediately and hear parts that you may never had heard on the digital version.

Owning a record player is easy, if you take adequate care of it. You can get cheap ones nearly anywhere that you can find records. There are also numerous options online, ranging in price from $45 to hundreds of dollars.

You can often find a Beatles record at a chain record store for $15 and up. However, at flea markets and some independent stores the price can be less than $10.

A good starting point for your collection of vinyl is the closest Newbury Comics. That store is located at 859 Boston/Providence Hwy on Route 1 in Norwood. Newbury even has a bin full of its newest used records to satisfy your ears.

If you’re interested in walking around a flea market to see what you can find, there are four record stalls at the flea market in Raynham, Mass. Among various other stalls, you’ll run into some of the greatest rock and roll records of all time. Dive in and enjoy.

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