Student Government Needs You

BY EMMA SULLIVAN // OCT. 17, 2014 //

With a docket full of upcoming events and plenty of room for student participation, Student Government members are about to get busy—so long as there are student voices to be heard.

The Student Government Association sticks to tradition by sponsoring annual Powder-Puff football games, Senior Week, the sophomore class “Halfway There” cookout, student vs. faculty basketball games, and Class Days.

Remember to mark your calendars for Class Days. Seniors kicked off the class celebrations on Oct. 15, followed by the juniors on Oct. 16, sophomores on Oct. 17, and freshmen on Oct. 18.



Didn’t see any events that interest you? You’re in luck, because according to Emily Harrison, senior class vice president, SGA is always looking for more ways to serve the student body.

As for tackling issues of substance, SGA has set its sights on the recent campus assaults.

“We have talked about the recent assaults on campus and, as a whole [group], attended the [recent] campus safety meeting,” said Harrison, via email.

Beyond the assaults, though, very few campus issues have been discussed during the open student forums that occur before SGA meetings, she said. Harrison added that there are numerous opportunities for students to have their voices heard.

“Throughout the semester, we listen to students in our classes and residence halls and bring that back to SGA,” Harrison said through email.

The SGA meets every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Student Center’s Large Meeting Room. You can also reach the student club by email at

If you want the more direct approach, contact your representatives directly.

  • Martin Heavey, SGA president,
  • Amanda Cullinan, SGA vice president,
  • Cameron Hoyt, SGA treasurer,
  • Christine Nguyen, SGA secretary,
  • Giana DiCarlo, senior class president,
  • Emily Harrison, senior class vice president,
  • Megan Ceretta, senior class secretary,
  • Andrew Marinaro, senior class rep,
  • Brian Mazzola, senior class rep,
  • Jennifer Vaughen, junior class president,
  • Meryl Richardson, junior class vice president,
  • Ana Flores, junior class, treasurer,
  • Cassidy Regan, junior class, secretary,
  • Emily Irvin, junior class rep,
  • Jessica Young, junior class rep,
  • Isabel Steiner, junior class rep,
  • Eric Murrer, junior class rep,
  • Stephen Maywald, sophomore class president,
  • Victoria Almedia, sophomore class vice president,
  • Chloe Corrion, sophomore class secretary,
  • Taylor Jones, sophomore class rep,
  • Kaitlin O’Sullivan, sophomore class rep,
  • Hans Nagrath, sophomore class rep,
  • Joanna Cassidy, freshmen class president,
  • Emma McDonnell, freshmen class vice president,
  • Meaghan Carnell, freshmen class treasurer,
  • Kelsey Tagen, freshmen class secretary,
  • Brittany Barbarisi, freshmen class rep,

* There are open seats for the following positions: senior class treasurer; senior class reps (2); sophomore class treasurer; sophomore class rep; freshmen class reps (3).

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