SGA Walks and Stumbles

BY EMMA SULLIVAN // NOV. 6, 2014 //

The Student Government Association, with the help of several other clubs on campus, came together for the Blue Light Walk on Thursday, Oct. 29. The walking tour of campus spotlighted the emergency systems available on campus and included information on sexual violence.

The “blue lights” are speaker boxes with huge, blue lights attached at the top, hence the nickname. The blue light system is used as an emergency communication tool to connect students with Public Safety. When the blue light is used, Public Safety is immediately dispatched to the scene.

“A big focus of Student Government was to show the students that we care about the student body and their protection, especially after the recent events on campus,” said Taylor Jones, a representative for the sophomore class

Those “recent events” were in September and involved two separate on-campus assaults against female students.

“As Student Government members, we were highly concerned of how safe people feel on campus,” said Freshman Class President Joanna Cassidy. “We discussed [among ourselves] various times how we would like more blue lights to be placed around campus as well as placed by buildings, because they would be more effective.”

As a student, I’m glad SGA is concerned with my safety. However, they aren’t communicating with the students as well as they could be.

In research for this blog I contacted nine of the top SGA members, including class presidents and members of the Executive Board. I received a total of three responses. Two of which came from Jones and Cassidy, a pair of underclassmen. The third was sent by an Executive Board member and was comprised of 12 words, essentially punting the request to another person.

Student Government exists to give elected students a platform to interact with, communicate with, represent and serve the student body. Unfortunately, it seems they’ve taken a tumble off of their platforms.

For the sake of the student body and, I hope members are more willing in the future to talk about the work they’re supposed to be doing on behalf of Curry students.

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  1. The SGA Executive Board appreciates this article however we would like more than 2 days of prior notice when asked for information and input. We would be more than happy to discuss SGA’s initiatives and how we listen to student voices on campus with you. Also, SGA meetings are open forum for any Curry College member to come, listen, and even discuss your own thoughts and issues. We also post our meeting minutes publicly each week for anyone to read and see what is going on in SGA throughout the entire year. As part of the SGA Executive Board, we hope you are more willing to follow-up and give us more time to get back to you in future occasions.

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