A Night of Glitz, Glam and Gatsby


On the final Friday of January, Curry College students were given the opportunity to travel back in time to an era of glittering jazz, flapper follies and luxurious lifestyles.

Yes, old sport, the “Roaring Twenties” was the focus of Curry’s winter semi-formal, with students dressing and dancing for a party thrown by the great Gatsby himself.

SEE, the Student Entertainment and Events group on campus, planned and hosted the event, which was “definitely more thorough than the usual dances,” said Michael Demaio, a sophomore communication major and the members relations chair of SEE. Décor in the Miller Field House included a wall of shimmery streamers as well as large white curtains that surrounded the entire room, creating a dream-like atmosphere to match the whimsy of Gatsby’s world. The music was current, but included some of the songs from the 2013 “Gatsby” movie soundtrack.



Creativity in wardrobe seemed to fall along gender lines. The ladies wore sequins and fringe dresses, with pearls and feather accessories that would make even Daisy Buchanan envious. The guys looked more or less dapper in formal apparel, but few made little resemblance to the tuxedo-wearing or three-piece-suit-clad men in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel.

Approximately 215 students attended the Gatsby dance, which, according to Rachel Govoni, a sophomore childhood education major and secretary of SEE, made it “kind of, sort of a success.” Last semester, 630 students attended the Black and White dance, while 350 came to the Halloween dance in October. The Gatsby dance—held from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.—was free for students, but they could not bring guests, and doors closed at 11. A majority of those in attendance were underclassman.

Reviews of the dance were mixed.

“I thought the dance was kind of lame because not a lot of people went, and the security pat downs were a little much. But the DJ was good,” said Aron Knorr, a sophomore nursing major.

In contrast, Mikayla Lambert, a freshman communication major, said she had a great time. “The dance was a lot of fun. The music was good and everyone looked really nice, and like they were enjoying themselves.”

As for SEE’s next dance, Demaio and Govoni declined to comment. They did say an event similar to the annual Groove Boston event will be held during this year’s Spring Weekend, but with “a twist.”

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  1. Christianna I have read with great delight what you wrote in the schools newspaper. Looking forward to reading more articles written by you as well as viewing your photography. Molly

  2. Great commentary you made feel as if I was there enjoying myself. You know how much I like to dance.
    Keep up the go work.

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