Student Fishing Club Casts Offs

BY EDDY SEGAL // FEB. 5, 2015 //

With more than a few feet of snow on the ground, skiing conditions in New England are fantastic. However, a number of Curry students are anxiously awaiting the melt.

Last fall, freshman Dave Wallace and sophomore Joe Zariello started a new student fishing club at Curry. It’s not as unusual as you might think.

Joe Zariello, who helped create the new Curry fishing club, is an experienced angler. // COURTESY PHOTO

Joe Zariello, who helped create the new Curry fishing club, is an experienced angler. // COURTESY PHOTO

There are many college and university fishing clubs in the United States, particularly in the south. They include the Auburn University Bass Sports Club and North Carolina State University’s Charlotte Bass Rats. Both clubs have been highly competitive and well respected in the fishing community. There’s even a college series national bass fishing championship.

Wallace and Zariello, both management majors and members of the Curry football team, are experienced and skilled fishermen. Zariello has reportedly fished in Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, and parts of North Carolina. Wallace says he prefers fresh-water fishing.

Club members are likely to benefit from learning new styles and techniques, said Zariello. The duo want to start with some striped bass fishing.

“Striper fishing is nice because it can be done without a boat and it is a challenge to catch a nice one. They are also good to eat,” said Zariello.

Wallace added that he would like to take members fishing at the pond over by Blue Hills.

The only fees associated with the club are the necessary state fishing licenses. Zariello expects the club will approximately 25 to 35 members, and activities should start up once the weather improves.

For more information, contact Wallace at


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