Manscaping: What, When and How to Shave


Manscaping. Is it vanity or necessity? Either way, few men truly know what to do when it comes to managing their hair.

This may seem trivial, but men are more likely than women to forget about the trimming or removal of body hair. This blog is about finding the right balance between full caveman versus the newborn baby look, and how to do things right.

According to a total unscientific survey of women on campus here, most say they like a little hair on a guy’s chest and stomach. However, you likely need a trim if your chest hair pushes up your shirt like an overstuffed pillow. Here’s how to do it; poor guy in the video looks like he lost a bet!

In some cases, you might need a helping hand in your manscaping project. // PHOTO BY tunnelarmr // creative commons

In some cases, you might need a helping hand in your manscaping project. // PHOTO BY tunnelarmr // creative commons

The following are tips for how to handle other body parts.

No trim or buzz is necessary here, unless the hair is obnoxiously coming out of your T-shirt’s sleeves…or you like competitive swimming. Armpit hair is somehow totally fine for males and should be left alone.

Now this one is an absolute necessity; all back and shoulder hair should be removed. (If you’re particularly grizzly, get a friend to help you out.

Don’t go crazy, though. A little hair above your tailbone is nothing serious and can be kept.

Nose and Brows
If those are an issue for you, or they grow at a freakishly fast pace, make sure to keep them trimmed. You can use toenail clippers or a buy an inexpensive nose hair clipper. Same goes for that little space in between your eyebrows. If you’re a superstar basketball player, you can probably get away with a unibrow. For everyone else, separation is key.

Leg hair is like armpit hair. If you grow it incredibly fast and it looks like a coat of fur with no signs of skin, a trim may be in order. But generally speaking, you want to avoid it. Keep in mind, the more you cut hair the faster it grows.

This is the danger zone. No matter the tool you use, be extremely careful.

Starting from the “happy trail” down to the main patch of pubic hair, you want those hairs buzzed like Amber Rose’s head. That’s not for you, but rather a courtesy for others who may interact with said danger zone.

Shaving this zone is neither encouraged nor recommended, unless you’re sporting an Amazon rain forest down there. Rather, it’s really about personal preference and should be performed with extreme caution.

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