SGA: Shuttles, Opinions and Elections


One of the biggest issues on campus this year has been the shuttle service. If you haven’t noticed, they’re no longer on campus.

Shuttle services have been suspended for the rest of the school year, and won’t return until late-November.

Student Government Association Secretary Christine Nguyen explained during yesterday’s SGA meeting that the shuttles, which previously operated on campus from September through May, were unreliable and costly. Last year, SGA recommended to the college’s administration a curtailed schedule, to promote eco-friendly and healthy living on campus.

PHOTO BY JOE GRATZ // creative commons

PHOTO BY JOE GRATZ // creative commons

The college was obviously happy to save the money, as the service is not inexpensive. According to Curry’s 2012 990 tax forms, the college shelled out $435,738 to Cavalier, the company that provides the shuttle services, for what was then yearlong service. It’s reasonable to assume Curry is now saving between $200,000 and $300,000 a year thanks to the limited schedule.

Speak Up
SGA has an event in the works to give students a time and a place to get involved.

“Colonel’s Speak Up” is a Strategic Planning initiative to attract students to voice their troubles, praises and desires. Students will speak directly to a panel of administration members, including President Ken Quigley, Dean of Students Maryellen Kiley, and Chief Academic Officer David Szczerbacki.

According to SGA President Martin Heavey, snow and the many days of school cancellations delayed the initiative’s launch. Be on the look out as early as next week for advertising across campus with the date, time, and location of “Colonel’s Speak Up” events. 

April is SGA elections month.

“That will be our main focus….It will be all hands on deck in April. We want to get people excited!” said Heavey.

Interest candidates for executive board or class officer positions can pick up their nomination packets by March 25 in the Student Center’s Student Activities office. Voting takes place at the end of April.

Joining SGA is a great way to initiate change on campus, said Heavey. However, if you aren’t available or willing to commit the time, there are plenty of other ways to get things rolling.

For example, attend an SGA meeting. Student forums, which are the first part of every SGA meeting, are held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Student Center Large Meeting Room. Not available on Wednesdays at 2? Then e-mail your thoughts to SGA.

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