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SGA: Shuttles, Opinions and Elections

BY EMMA SULLIVAN // MARCH 19, 2015 // One of the biggest issues on campus this year has been the shuttle service. If you haven’t noticed, they’re no longer on campus. Shuttle services have been suspended for the rest of the school year, and won’t return until late-November. Student Government Association Secretary Christine Nguyen explained during yesterday’s SGA meeting that […]

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Getting Off Campus

BY EDDY SEGAL // OCT. 16, 2014 // Have you ever wanted to get off campus without having to hitchhike or beg your friends for a ride? We have all been there—stuck in our dorm room, wishing we had a way to get out of this red brick jungle. Luckily, leaving campus is much easier than it may seem. Here […]

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Fun With Little Sun

BY MATTHEW GLEASON // NOV. 19, 2013 // As the air gets colder and daylight gets shorter, it becomes a bit more challenging to find decent social activities. One option is right here on campus. The winter sports season is underway, and game attendance is free for Curry students. The men’s basketball team is coming off a TCCC championship and […]

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Get Up and Find Your Fun

BY MATTHEW GLEASON // OCT. 10, 2013 // I was sitting in my dorm room on a recent Friday afternoon and couldn’t help but notice student after student leaving campus to go home for the weekend. I turned to my roommate in disgust. “This school is so lame!” I said. To which he casually replied: “You just got to make […]