Car-less on Campus

Curry “T” Shuttle Sees Higher Ridership Levels

By Nicholas Calvino, Currier Times Staff/////

The “T” Shuttle stops at the Student Center to take students, faculty and staff to the Mattapan station for easy access to Boston. Photo by Nicholas Calvino

If you want to travel using the Curry College “T” shuttles you have to get there early to get a seat.

The Mattapan T shuttle has been very busy with Curry College students. Since Curry College has eased some of the Covid restrictions, students can use the shuttles again but students still have to wear a mask on the shuttle.

Public Safety chief, Paul King, said ridership is definitely on the rise.

“The van will need two trips because there are so many students,” said Chief King. “It runs hourly. The busiest is in the morning. The shuttles run Monday to Friday. It’s more custom to mass transit and students want to travel,” King added.

Curry College students want to travel after a long wait through covid-19. Students are able to take the T into Boston from Mattapan now and they are excited to go somewhere with friends in their free time.

“It’s good that we are getting out there again,” said junior Communication major, Jake Stiner. “There was something about Covid that made us miss the little luxuries around campus.”

Student visitors also use the shuttles from the Mattapan T station to get onto campus. Covid restrictions took the shuttle travel option away and now that it’s back the shuttle pick up outside the Student Center gets busy. The shuttles get so busy that they have to do two trips to get all the students.

If you’re not sure about the schedule for the shuttle you can either find the section on the “My Curry” web page or ask the front desk at the Stu.

The Curry College shuttle into Mattapan is the easiest and best way to get on the T into Boston if you don’t have a car on campus. But many students say it may be time to increase the shuttle options.

“I think they should have two shuttles to make sure that everyone can get to the T station,” said sophomore Communication student, Frankie Becchi. “But we should also still be careful with Covid on the shuttles.”

Explore the wonders of Boston before the end of the semester, by taking the Curry “T” shuttle!

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