WMLN’s “Sync’d Up” Takes Over Student Center

By Michael Cotton, Currier Times Staff///

Conor Harrington performs at “Sync’d Up” where students listened to the performers. Photo by Emily Howe

WMLN 91.5’s (Curry College Radio) Sync’d Up made its return on Saturday, November 6th at Student Center, where five performances took place.

Students Austin Kessler, Aidann Loock, Conor Harrington, Amelia, and Conor Harrington’s band “Indelego” displayed their musical talents while their fellow peers and other students ate, enjoyed Starbucks, and observed those on stage.

Within the course of this hour and a half event, approximately 200 students were in and out of this event to not only indulge in the Starbucks drinks provided, but to check out those on stage participating in the Sync’d Up event.

WMLN’s chief engineer, DJ Jefferson, was pleased with the turnout.

“People from across the Stu need the speaker turned up,” said Jefferson. “They want to hear what’s going on!”

Conor Harrington was the highlight of this event, as he interacted with the audience, and even performed solo for twenty minutes to fill time. Harrington didn’t stop there, he then hopped on stage with his band “Indelego” as they performed a twenty minute set where they had the audience singing along with them.

Harrington said he loved the event and venue.

“I always enjoy performing for Sync’d Up,” said Harrington. “Every year the audience shows love and it’s an amazing feeling man.”

Another semester, another success! Sync’d Up will be returning this Spring, there’ll be more information soon.

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