Curry Sports

Curry Men’s Hockey Enters National Rankings

By Currier Times Staff///

The Curry Men’s Hockey team celebrate after scoring a goal. The team is starting off with their best record in years and is in the national rankings. Photo courtesy of Curry Athletics

Quietly, but confidently, the Curry College men’s hockey team has amassed an impressive 7-0-1 record as they head into the Thanksgiving break.

The team, as of November 22nd, entered into the national top 15 in Division Three hockey, after receiving “honorable mention” votes for the past few weeks.

According to U.S. College Hockey online, not only is Curry at number 14 as the best team in DIII, but they have a “pairwise ranking” of #5, which is based on strength of schedule against opponents. This puts Curry squarely in sight for the playoff picture.

Of course the season is just starting, and a big game is coming up against Endicott on December 3rd at home, which is also the annual “Teddy Bear Toss.”

If you aren’t on the hockey bandwagon yet, head out to the Canton Ice House on December 3rd and let them hear your cheers!

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