Curry Looks to Replace Turf at Katz Field


Like all things, artificial turf has a lifespan. And after 11 years of use, the Walter M. Katz field at Curry College is reaching its end.

The college has confirmed plans to replace the turf field with another artificial surface this spring. The work is scheduled to be finished before the start of summer sports camps and preseason fall sports action, said Curry Athletic Director Vinnie Eruzione. Although no start date has been set, Eruzione added, the project would most likely begin after the spring sports season ends.


The existing turf field is 11 years old and, according to the college, needs replacing. // PHOTO COURTESY OF CURRY COLLEGE

The football team, both soccer teams and both lacrosse teams use the field regularly. In addition, the field is used for different intramural sports programs, as well as summer youth sports camps.

Some students are questioning the need for a new field, which won’t come cheaply.

“The field isn’t that bad, there’s just some spots or times where I slide on the turf and can almost feel how worn down and uneven it is,” said junior criminal justice major Rolando Montero, who plays on the men’s soccer team.

However, sophomore Kelly Parker, an elementary education major who plays on the women’s lacrosse and soccer teams, said a new field could help in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes to Curry and help the confidence of existing players.

“It sounds strange, but I really do think the type of stadium or field you play on can determine how well your game can go, during certain situations,” said Parker.

Eruzione declined to say how much the college would spend on the new turf field, noting that a contract has not yet been signed. According to recent media reports, the potential price tag has a wide range.

Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., says it will cost $1.2 million to replace its grass field with a new artificial turf one. Arlington High School in Massachusetts has a 9-year-old turf field, and the school department has estimated it will cost about $500,000 to replace it. Ball State University in Indiana recently accepted bids to replace its 10-year-old turf field. The bids ranged from $539,000 to $386,181.

It is not clear how Curry intends to fund the replacement of Katz field.



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