Nerd Alert: New Club at Curry

BY ZOE STAUDE // APRIL 28, 2015 //

Calling all geeks! Calling all nerds! A new empire of students has invaded the Curry College campus

NERD-Empire, a club for any student who has interest in Sci-Fi, comic books, anime, action movies, and magic, was created in late March by freshman Jalen Campbell.

Campbell’s original plan was to start a fencing club for himself and fellow students. However, many of the people he had talked with either didn’t know how to fence or simply were too afraid to learn.

PHOTO BY GREAT BEYOND, creative commons

PHOTO BY GREAT BEYOND, creative commons

“My search had led me to find that there were many people who liked “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter,” “Doctor Who,” and “Dragon Ball Z,” so I thought that maybe a nerd club would be a better idea,” said Campbell.

The club, which currently has 10 members, puts on debates, such as “Which is better, “Star Wars” or “Harry Potter?” and different trivia games. Future potential events include movie nights and mall trips. Most importantly, Campbell said, club members simply talk with each other—not just as new friends who share common interests, but as a family of sorts.

The club elected Julia Friedman to serve as president, Taylor Hays as vice president, Alyssa St. Don as Secretary, and Jenn Tegnell as treasurer. PAL and Education professor Maria Bacigalupo is the faculty advisor.

Although meeting and event attendance has been relatively small to date, St. Don believes the club will surely grow next year.

“I already feel like we are starting to build a tiny community of people that have a common interest,” she said. “When you come to NERD-Empire, it’s a place where you can drop everything bad or negative that has happened and just sit down and have a good time.”

NERD-Empire meets every Friday from 5-6 p.m. in Hafer 121. The meetings are open to everyone.

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