Students Want Live Concerts on Campus


“I think there is a big problem that students do not leave their residence halls and enjoy the events happening on campus,” said Anna Lombardo, director of Student Activities. “There is an event every weekend.”

That may be true. But according to many students, the problem is not the quantity of social events on campus. It’s the quality.

“Sometimes I get dressed and go to these campus events and wish I would have stayed in my room,” said Lexi Hansen, a sophomore communication major. “They don’t even play the music everyone likes.”

Students are eager for some live music on campus. // PHOTO BY BARBARA WILLI, creative common

Students are eager for some live music on campus. // PHOTO BY BARBARA WILLI, creative common

And music is at the center of many student gripes. According to many interviews, students want live concerts on campus and are frustrated that they never occur.

Shay Sinnott, who graduated with a degree in communication from Curry in 2013 and was formerly the music director of WLMN, said it was her dream to host a concert on campus during her time here. She said she was unable to pull off a spring concert due to a lack of support from the Student Activities office.

“My vision was to have a huge show in front of the Student Center, which was referred to as ‘tumble weed terrace’ when I was there due to the lack of use of the gorgeous area,” said Sinnott, who now works in public relations for St. Mary of the Hills School in Milton. “I would be so happy if someone would be able to accomplish that.”

Some students, like junior criminal justice major Ana Flores, speculated that the college puts little effort into hosting concerts because of potential noise and public safety concerns.

“But if they did have one on campus, I would definitely be there,” she said. “It would get a lot of students excited to have a well-known band on campus.”

Lombardo said she would happily work with any students or student group that wants to bring a band onto campus. However, she added, it would ultimately be the responsibility of the students and/or student group to organize and manage the event, as well as identify funding for the performers, caterers and security.

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