Take a Stand Against Weak Games


Do you like where video games are going? No? Neither do I.

Today’s video games are becoming less innovative. They’re rehashed ideas, cash-grab remakes, and rushed and unfinished games. Gamers are having less replay ability and there are fewer linear story lines—meaning there is so much free roam that you get confused on what to do.

Buy a pre-order game and they give you extra content, but that content should have been in the game to begin with. And games cost between $60 and $140, depending if you want to get future content for a lower price when it’s released.

The Order, 1886

The Order, 1886

These are not good days to be a gamer.

Video games are better graphics-wise, but it’s the content that has always—and will always—matter. Take “The Order: 1886.” It’s a great game idea of a secret order that hunts a secret society of werewolves. By far the greatest game visually, it features “flawless transistor,” meaning people cannot tell when cut scenes end due to the amazing graphics. But its focus on cut scenes and graphics is its biggest downfall.

There are a lot of quick-time events (QTE), or pointless fillers, when during a cut scene you will be prompted to complete a series of button presses to move on in the story. With the focus of the game being on werewolves, I find it interesting that you only see them three times throughout the whole game—and when you do it involves repetitive QTE and terrible fighting. The enemies make the same moves over and over, and it’s not just the enemies. Your companions can only watch you bleed out instead of help you.

Overall, the game feels half done—like many other games, including “Battlefield Hardline,” “Assassins Creed Unity,” and “Evolve,” to name a few.

Game companies are getting by, giving us games based on a great idea but filled with content we’ve seen before. And we keep supporting them by pre-ordering their games! By pre-ordering we are telling them, “Yes, we will buy your game even though it’s unfinished.” Wash, rinse, repeat.

We gamers need to stop giving them this safety net. It’s time we take a chapter from their stories. Let’s not help them by pre-ordering their unfinished games, and instead watch them bleed out. Then, perhaps games will start moving in a better direction.

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