Health Services Wants You To Avoid the Flu

BY COLIN MURPHY // NOV. 10, 2015 // 

In October, a total of 147 flu shots were given to Curry students during Health Services’ flu shot clinics. Flu season starts in October and reaches its peak between December and February. Getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid contracting the flu.

The number of shots provided by the Health Services’ flu shot clinics increased this year. Last year, 125 shots were given.

Erin Simmons, the Director of Campus Health Services said, “The shots are a great service to the community… You are not only protecting yourself, but you are protecting the people around you.”



Individual students getting their flu shots is extremely beneficial to everyone else on campus, including those who do not get their annual flu shot.

Common reasons for people not getting a flu shot include the dislike or fear of needles, the myth that the shots can make people sick with the flu and underestimating the shot’s importance.

Simmons said that increasing advertising and explaining misconceptions are the best ways to raise awareness of how important the flu shot is.

Simmons said that Health Services has the goal of reaching “herd immunity” on campus. Having “heard immunity” to the flu would mean that everyone on campus would be immune.

First-year student Roberto Roca got his flu shot from a doctor prior to arriving on campus. Roca said, “It was my time to receive it.”

There are 2,100 traditional undergrad students at Curry and only 147 flu shots were given to students. It is likely that many students, like Roca, received their flu vaccination off-campus from a family doctor or a pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where or how you get vaccinated, just as long as you do so.

Simmons encouraged all students and faculty to get their flu shots to reduce the likelihood of illness and to learn more about the flu vaccine. More knowledge will lead to an increased chance of a fully flu-protected campus.

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