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Photojournalism Class Shares Final Portfolios


Traditionally I write a formal and objective introduction to these slideshows, but I’m going to allow for candidness here. In my time at Curry and experience with the journalism program, I’ve learned that one of the most important skills a young professional can bring with them into the working world is a technological aptitude.

Fortunately, that technological aptitude often translates into simply knowing how to use the devices that have become implanted to our palms and fingertips, anyway. In journalism, one of the most essential tools a reporter can bring into the field today is their iPhone.

Shooting photos has become an integral part of journalism, and in recognition of this Curry offered students an unlisted Photojournalism class this spring. I was not able to take the class myself, but in working with Professor Nina Hofman and seeing the work her students completed, I cannot recommend the course highly enough.

Whether you are trying to earn a career in journalism (like I am), another career in communication, or looking to finally learn the full potential of a digital camera, this course will put you in the driver seat. Students were sent into the city and other locations on assignment, and advised to take pictures over their spring break, a clear indicator of how this course will provide you with the real-world, experiential learning opportunities that are so critical.

So if you get the chance to, be sure to check out the Photojournalism course for yourself. Professor Hofman is a bright educator and will give you the chance to learn more about photography, the world around you, and yourself. This will be the last photo gallery of this school year, and thus my last gallery to publish, but I would be remiss had I not taken the opportunity to advocate this opportunity to anyone who may be reading this.

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