The Wellness Council finds Success with Wellness Wednesdays

EMMA McDONNELL // NOV. 16, 2016 //

For most of us, Wednesdays are known as “hump day” or the day that reminds us the weekend isn’t too far away. But here at Curry, Wednesdays also remind us about our health.

Every Wednesday, Curry’s Wellness Council host “Wellness Wednesdays”. Each week you will find members of the Wellness Council at the student center from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. helping to educate students. These events include games, prizes, candy, free merchandise, and information that benefits the Curry Community.


The Wellness Council hosts “Wellness Wednesdays” weekly in the Student Center from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. // IMAGE CREDIT: CURRY COLLEGE //

The Wellness Council consist of students, faculty, and staff members, while also working closely with different clubs on campus. The council helps to create strategic and meaningful programs that help to benefit students both personally and academically. They focus on six different dimensions of wellness: social, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and occupational.

Michele McGraw, the Coordinator of Substance Abuse and Wellness at Curry, started these events in April of 2015 and began with only 3 or 4 programs per semester. Since then it has grown to 14 Wellness Wednesday per semester due to all the hard work the Wellness Council has put in.

McGraw believes that more students are beginning to recognize Wednesdays as Wellness Wednesdays because they are seeing the tables every week and are actively participating in what there is to be offered that week.

“I found out about Wellness Wednesdays from seeing the tables at the student center and wanted to see what it was there for,” said Matthew Coakley, a sophomore Criminal Justice major.

These events have also helped students to begin to educate their peers on a topic that is meaningful to them.

Samantha Mapa, a sophomore Psychology major, said, “When I have time I try to go because it helps me feel more informed about topics that relate to my life.”

When asked how she decides what topic is picked each week for Wellness Wednesday, McGraw responded, “I used to reach out [to various clubs] to host a Wednesday but now I find they are reaching out to me.” She continued, “It is really the students who have helped to build up Wellness Wednesdays by connecting and relating to them.”


President Ken Quigley stops by to chat with Student Wellness Educators. // IMAGE CREDIT EMMA McDONNELL //

Jessie Almeida, a junior, Community Health and Wellness and Psychology major commented saying, “I feel like Wellness Wednesdays opens people’s minds to topics we may not try to learn on our own and I wish more people would get involved because it is a vital recourse on campus.”

McGraw also touched upon the fact that she is grateful for professors who have made Wellness Wednesday extra credit because she feels that it helps to get more people involved. “They aren’t necessarily knocking on our doors for the info so this is a great way to present it to them.”

In other words, as students we rarely look into things unless it is right in front of us or it a requirement. McGraw has put the information in front of us, and it is working.

Since Wellness Wednesday began, the participation in the events has gone up. McGraw loves that this initiative has given her the chance to connect with more students on campus, and it has given her the opportunity to educate them about their resources and health here at Curry.

Greg Estes, a sophomore, Criminal Justice major said, “I think Wellness Wednesdays are a great way for the student body to be active and learning how to better take care of themselves.”

Similarly, senior Communication major Caroline Finamore said, “I feel that Wellness Wednesdays have a positive impact on the Curry Community. It gives everyone a chance to be engaged and learn more about various health and wellness topics.”

Looking forward to the spring, Wellness Wednesdays will be held at the Student Center from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. As far the schedule, McGraw and her team are hard at work planning what’s to come.

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