Review: Curry Theatre “Gorey Stories”

BY: EMMA McDONNELL // NOV. 11, 2016 //

I would be lying if I didn’t say that “Gorey Stories” was better than I expected it to be.

Curry College Theatre presented the fall 2016 Black Box Production of “Gorey Stories” directed by David Miller based on the works of Edward Gorey.

This gothic comedy ran Saturday, November 12 through Monday, November 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Keith Auditorium, with tickets being sold for $10.

Going into the show I was unsure how the cast was going to be able to pull together a series of poems and have it be interesting to the audience. After seeing the performance, I found it not only interesting but humorous.

Although given the name “Gorey Stories”, I would like to acknowledge the light humor the show had. There were a number of moments where the scenes were dark and heavy. However, this cast made it a point to add subtle humor throughout so that the audience stayed fully engaged.


Curry Theatre’s cast of “Gorey Stories” before final curtain call. // IMAGE CREDIT: CURRY THEATRE //

Throughout the show the poems changed and so did the characters but that didn’t faze the actors of Curry Theatre. Their transitions were smooth and seamless. It was remarkable to see the actors come out as new characters and be completely in tune with what character they were portraying in that moment.

It was enjoyable to see an array of new faces this semester including: Brianna Aldrich (Freshman), Connor Carignan (Freshman), Kelsey Davis (Sophomore), Sara Jauhar (Freshman), Paul Mulvihill (Freshman), and Adrienne Wood (Freshman). With over half the cast being upheld by the underclassmen it lead me too expect the worst, however this cast wasn’t going to let that faze them.

Choreographer and senior communication major Meghan Kosiak stated, “We [Curry Theatre] pride ourselves on being a group for all. This cast is heavily made up of under classmen so in that sense you don’t need to prove your position here to get a role or position, you can get involved right away.”

Kosiak’s role as choreographer and her work with the show was a key factor in bringing the scenes together. The movements in the show and the thoughtful transitions kept the attention of the audience in a way that, sometimes, blocking doesn’t do.

“Although it’s not a very long piece it is a very complicated piece,” explained David Miller, director of the show. “There are a lot of moving parts and of course I am very proud of [the cast],”  Miller is a librarian in Curry’s Levin library but is heavily involved with Curry Theatre.

Overall this was a great show and if you didn’t see it then you really missed out. After seeing this performance I look forward for what next semester’s shows have in store for us, including the main stage production of “Green Day’s American Idiot” in December.

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