Several Cars Broken Into On Curry Campus

BY TYLER MILLIKEN // DEC. 12, 2016 //

Are you someone who always forgets to lock their car because they’re rushing to get somewhere? If so, you better begin to slow down, because the consequences could be troubling.

Public Safety received four different reports of cars being broken into on the morning of December 7th. Items were stolen in some incidents as the thief seemed to be looking for things of value.

The cars who were targeted that night, were parked in different locations throughout the campus. It turns out that each car involved was unlocked at the time of the crime. Public Safety is stressing the importance of locking your vehicles when leaving them unattended.

Interim director of Public Safety, Paul L’Italien explained, “With the holiday season approaching, I think it’s very common nationwide that car breaks occur, because people are looking for quick money.”

L’Italien continues, “I can’t stress it enough to the entire community that they really need to lock their cars. It would take care of ninety-five percent of it.”

The person behind these acts has yet to be found or identified. According to Public Safety, there weren’t any witnesses who saw these alleged crimes taking place. Milton Police has been notified.

After looking into these cases, Milton Police has reported that a number of similar crimes have been committed in the area. L ’Italian noted that, “We have no obvious signs that it’s the same exact person, but there is certainly a possibility of that, because of the timing of it.”

The Public Safety department moved quickly to inform the Curry community, sending a campus wide email on December 8th, alerting students, faculty, and staff of the current situation on campus.

There hasn’t been any other reports of similar behavior since the initial set of crimes took place earlier in the week.

When looking ahead to next semester and the future, L’Italien’s advice is, “If you have a laptop or something of value, put it in the trunk. If it’s out of sight, it’ll stop these thieves who are trying to do a quick hit. They don’t want to have to smash your window and bring attention to themselves…keep everything as hidden as you can.”

Even though it has been a few days since the reports were filed, Public Safety is still urging anyone who may have witnessed something that night to step forward. Any information is beneficial.

Public Safety can be reached on their emergency line at 617-333-2222, or their  anonymous tip line at 617-391-5280. The department can also be contacted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where they consistently update students about issues taking place on campus.

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