Curry Students Robbed in Off-Campus Incident


On Sunday night, four Curry students were assaulted at the Fairmount Development Basketball Courts on Bow Street in Hyde Park. The Boston Police Department’s active investigation is still searching for the suspects.

Boston Police Officer James Kenneally confirmed the incident at Boston Housing Authority’s Fairmont development on 43 Bow Street, Hyde Park.

Kenneally noted that the four students were approached by two suspects while playing basketball. One of the suspects presented a firearm and demanded money. The students were robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash but due to the investigation’s ongoing process, nothing more could be revealed.

He added that anyone with any information about the incident should call 1-800-494-TIPS (8477), or text their tip to CRIME (27463).

Just before 1 p.m. Monday, Director of Public Safety, Paul King, sent an update to the student body informing the campus of the incident. However, the two reports did not exactly match up.

King’s note included that there were actually six Curry students who were approached by four suspects, and that one victim was additionally struck multiple times but reported no injuries to first-responders. Both reports featured a weapon, but King could not confirm or deny the weapon of choice.

“It was determined by our reports that six of our students were approached by three or four suspects,” King noted, emphasizing that there were at least three suspects as opposed to BPD’s two.

Chief King also noted that the students were in fact robbed of, “some cell phones, one set of keys and some wallets.”

At this point, he and his staff have been searching their video records to find footage of the students leaving or coming back to campus for clues to the case. He added that the victims have plenty of resources on campus to deal with the aftermath until the suspects are brought to justice.

King noted that any student with information can contact his office directly at 617-333-2159, or talk to any public safety officer who will pass along the information to Boston Police to further the investigation.

This story is developing and will be updated as details emerge

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