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Traveling for the Holidays? Fill Out a Form


By Arthur Zottola, Currier Times Correspondent

For Easter or Passover break this semester, it’s going to be a little different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic that we are still currently in.  If you want to go home for Easter or Passover, you have to fill something out first. 

In an email delivered to students this week, in order for you to go home for Easter or Passover weekend and/or Patriots Day Weekend, you have to fill out a form.  In this form, you have to say what date you are planning on leaving campus, how you are leaving, when you are returning to campus and your plans for meeting the campus re-entry guidelines for both or either holiday.

Curry Communication major, Jack Whittier, said that he was pleased with the decision. 

 “It’s nice to know that Curry is doing its part by taking  the necessary precautions by ensuring our well-being for ourselves and for the people around us, thus creating an easier way of traveling and spending time with our loved ones,” said Whittier.  

If you are leaving Massachusetts and going to a state that is a lower risk state, then you have to follow the general COVID-19 precaution guidelines. If you are traveling to a state outside of Massachusetts that has not been identified as a “lower risk state”, you must follow the Massachusetts Travel Order.

As soon as you come back to campus for both/either of these holidays, then you have to instantly get tested for COVID-19 at the Miller Field House or provide a negative test that was administered within the last 72 hours.  if you get tested at Miller, you have to stay in your dorm room until you get your results back. 

If you have received a Covid vaccine, make sure Health Services has that information on file.

The form is due by March 24th. Passover is March 27th to April 4th and Easter is April 4th. Patriots Day is April 19th, but there will be no testing available on Patriots Day.

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