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Curry Hockey Ends Season Due To Covid

By Daniel Coughlin and Currier Times Staff

Curry’s Covid-delayed hockey season came to an abrupt halt on Thursday, March 25th, due to a Covid-positive test on the hockey team. The team was forced into quarantine, which ended the possibility of continuing the season.

The team was expected to play Nichols College the following weekend.

In a tweet, Curry Head Coach, TJ Manastersky, confirmed to Curry’s television station, CC8, that Senior Night was cancelled and that the hockey season had come to an end.

In his tweet, he quoted the thoughts of a senior hockey player.

“I was ready to leave it all out there & it’s not how we wanted it to end but there’s no happy ending to this,” the unidentified senior said. “Best 4 years of my life & I’m happy I got to meet the greatest people & make memories that will forever be with me.”

Matt Henderson, a senior on the hockey team, told the Currier Times he was saddened it had to finish this way.

“It’s an unfortunate ending to our season,” said Henderson. “But as a senior on the team I am thankful and blessed to have been a part of Curry College hockey for the past 4 years, and I’m extremely proud of the resiliency our team showed this entire year.”

Mic Curran, a junior on the team, was hopeful the next season will be a return to normalcy.

“Obviously it’s tough for our season to end this way, especially for our seniors,” said Curran. “We’ve put in so much work and we’re as safe as we could be. It really just came down to bad luck but we have to trust the medical professionals on this one and hopefully by next year, if we keep listening, we’re back to normal playing a full season.”

An outpouring of support for the players and the team have been flooding Twitter, as players and fans absorb the news.

In a tweet from the new Curry Women’s hockey team, they said, “Thinking of our neighbors.” The women’s inaugural season begins the next academic year. Both teams will play their home games at the Canton Ice House.

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  1. The season did not “have to” end this way — this is obviously hogwash. Just because one player tests positive for a disease he might not even be symptomatic with is not and has never been a reason for an entire team to end an entire season; it’s unheard-of. In ice hockey players only go out if they are ill or injured, and in hockey, as we all know, frequently not even then. Hockey’s history is rife, ill-advised though it may be, with sick and hurt players playing, and certainly it is not part of the ethic not to play when there is nothing wrong with you. Whoever is behind this decision should be ashamed of himself.

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