Campus Community Reacts to Hate

By Patrick Bouthillette, Currier Times Correspondent

MILTON– Early March served as a dark remembrance of the existence of racism and other hate at Curry College which has been the center of many hate crimes in recent years. The vandalism and hate speech left on the walls of a Curry staff member’s private residence were stark reminders of both the political turmoil of the country and here on campus.

On Friday, March 5th, Curry students, staff and faculty were informed by the College about an incident involving vandalism in one of the residence halls. It appeared from an early investigation that the incident involved an unlawful break-in on the private property of a Curry staff member. The private residence was then defaced with discriminatory and profane language.

In alignment with the College’s protocol for such crimes, once the incident was discovered the Department of Public Safety and Milton Police Department were immediately notified. The Milton Police Department is currently leading the investigation and considering it a potential hate crime. If you or anyone you know has information regarding the incident, please contact the Public Safety Anonymous Tip Line (617)-391-5280.

In a statement to the Curry College Community, President Ken Quigley reminded students, staff and faculty that actions like this will not be tolerated nor any type of hate on campus. He also assured the community that a full investigation will be completed and that those responsible for this crime will be held responsible and prosecuted.

The most recent hate crime on campus has some students, staff and faculty questioning their own safety while also demanding more than just an email from the College condemning the incident.

“After the recent hate crime on campus I feel very sad that it happened to someone,” said Tayjah Wilson, Senior Nursing major at Curry. “I am also frustrated that things like that continue to happen and that as a Person of Color on this campus I have to question my safety.”

The faculty at Curry College has also released their own statement in response to the incident. The faculty condemned the incident and promised to make their classrooms a safer space for all. The full letter can be found below.

With hate crimes across America at an all time high, it comes as no surprise that they have once again invaded the campus of a small-liberal arts school. It is evident however, that the Curry College Community is looking for more action in response to hate crimes from the administration

Statement by the Curry College Faculty
March 2021

Once again, our community has been shaken by an act of hate. A member of our community was targeted by vandalism and vitriol, something we, the faculty, abhor.

To our community member, we offer our unequivocal support. No one should have to endure the hurt and upset such incidents cause. The urge to say such actions do not represent us must be replaced by a willingness to face the fact that these incidents do define some in our community. Rather than this fact causing us regret, it should call us to action.

Every offhand remark, careless joke, unconscious expression of bias or decision to remain silent in the face of observing demeaning speech or behavior chips away at the armor of tolerance and acceptance so many of us naively believe we wear.

Expressions of regret are no longer enough. Saying this does not represent us is hollow and an expression of the denial of reality. Our community is only as welcoming as the least tolerant among us. We must approach these issues differently.

As a community of learners, it is up to us to learn why these acts continue to happen. It is up to us to speak up, stand up, and push for change. Expressing regret falls short. Shouldering the load of change is the least we can do.

The Curry College Faculty commit to taking on this challenge. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us to bring about the change needed to provide a welcoming and safe community for all of us.

Brenda Wrigley
Sarah Augusto
Jeffrey DiIuglio
Andrew Horn
Laura Callis
Aaron B. Daniels
Dennis N. Ricci
Kara Provost
Kathy McDonough
Nicole Parsons
Eileen O’Keefe
Pebble Brooks
Ryan Theroux
Adam Stearn
Michelle LeBlac
Emily Howe
Elizabeth J. Wade
D-L Garren
Linda Romano
Christopher McCusker
Alan Revering
Amanda Kennedy
Si Pearman
Christine Bennett
Marcy Holbrook
Efram Burk
Emily Nowicki
Abby Hafer
Vicki Nelson
Mia Khera
Eileen O’Connell
Kathy Wilmot
Jeannette DeJong
Susan Natale
Jerry Gibbs
Mary Ryan
Katharine Eastman
Evelyn Ugwu-George
Barbara Pinchera
Donna Pettinelli
Robert MacDougal
Stephanie Cappadonna
John DiCicco
Kara Provost
Giordana Basta
Janice Peters
Jessica L. Fry
Stephanie Walker
Paula Cocce
Ishani Tewari
Maureen Murphy
Ned Bradford
Patricia Stevens
Jennifer Balboni
Shana Shields
Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel
Jeffrey Isaacson
Emily MacIntyre
Iris Kumar
Karen Hussar
Melissa Kagen
Casey Burnett
Julie Martini
Bill Nancarrow
Jayson Baker
Alison Poor-Donahue
Doreen A. Callaghan
Lynn Abrahams
Gokhan Karaatli
Deanna Gordon
Diane Webber
Maria T. Bacigalupo

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