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Spring Sports Finishing Unusual Season

By Jesse Cinquini, Currier Times Staff//


Ready or not, spring sports made a much-anticipated return to the Curry College community a few weeks ago. On March 3rd, the Commonwealth Coast Conference, or CCC, revealed its plans to resume sports for the 2020-21 spring season. The spring sports offered at Curry College include baseball, softball, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and men’s and women’s tennis. Men’s and women’s basketball also started their season. The hockey team was also in action, but as the Currier Times reported last week, they ended their season when Covid hit the team.

The resumption of sports marks the first time Curry students have been able to don the purple and black since Spring, 2020. Because of the Covid-19 virus’s nature and how it can infect large numbers of people with incredible swiftness, it would be understandable if some athletes had cold feet. After all, the student-athletes are in uncharted waters because they are the first to engage in sports at the college since the pandemic hit. Athletes interviewed by the Currier Times said they had little fear or worry and were eager to get back to playing their game.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, a freshman and member of the baseball team, said he was itching to step onto the field for the first time as a collegiate athlete.

“All the hard work I’ve put in over my high school will pay once I take the field,” Fitzpatrick said when asked about what it means for him to have spring sports returning. “Getting back on the field is a sign that things are returning to normal, and it’s a great sign.”

David Monteiro, a Communication major and a member of the men’s tennis team, echoed the confidence that the spring season will be a safe one for the college.

“I think the athletes have put in too much work to jeopardize their season by neglecting protocols,” Monteiro said. “We at the tennis team are making it a point of emphasis to adhere to all the guidelines set forth by the college, and I’m sure the other sports teams are as well.”

There is much work to be done by students and faculty alike before the spring season comes to a close in May. But the college as a whole has seen an encouraging dip in positive Covid cases over the past few weeks. Slowly but surely, Curry and its inhabitants are moving towards a full-on return to normalcy. The re-establishing of spring athletics will prove to be a harbinger of things to come for the institution, as we look forward to a brighter future.

Be sure to visit for access to team records, livestreaming of games, and other statistics.

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