Replica of Boston Landmark Stands on Curry College Campus

By Nicholas Calvino, Currier Times Staff///////

Here is an interesting fact about the State House residence hall on campus. You might be walking around campus or see it on a tour and say that the building looks familiar.

You might find that it looks very similar to the Old State House building in our great city of Boston, and that’s because it is!

This is such a hidden gem that even professors are stunned by it.

“I’m very surprised,”said Lynn Abrahams, a PAL advisor and professor. “I wish that Curry could make it more present to us.”

A little fun fact is that the Old State House in Boston was built in 1713, according to the National Park Service. It’s easily one of the oldest buildings in Boston. And what a history! At first, it served as the offices for the Royal Governor, appointed by the King of Great Britain. He would announce his decrees from the side balcony to the townspeople below.

In 1776, this same balcony was used to announce the Declaration of Independence to the colonists.

Curry College was founded in 1879, and its original campus wasn’t too far away from the Old State House, with most of Curry’s “campus” being brownstones on Commonwealth Avenue. In the 1950s, Curry moved to its present campus in Milton, and the replica “State House” was constructed in the early 60s, 200+ years after its namesake.

In 1976 England’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Boston and made an appearance on the balcony of the Old State House in Boston. There was a huge crowd of Bostonians surrounding the State House to see the queen. Then she descended to street level to address the crowd.

Students are just finding this out and they love the history behind it.

“It’s the first time I heard of it,” said sophomore Mizan Hakim. “It’s very exciting that we have a piece of Boston history on campus.”

Curry College’s replica conjures up so much of America’s early history. The Old State House is the site of the Boston Massacre which is one of the reasons that led to the Revolutionary War. It’s a cool little hidden gem on the Curry College campus and it brings a historical presence to our college community.

Now when you’re walking around campus and you see this building you’ll know some of the historical background on it.

Deven Richards, a junior Criminal Justice major, said it’s a great story.

“It’s very interesting, and it’s a cool fact,” said Richards. “It definitely draws people to the campus more. When I did tours people were definitely surprised by the fact.”

We hope that this little historical fact makes you more curious about some of the other history that you can discover in our great city of Boston.

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